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Ok, this is for all of you “lookie lous.”  You know who I’m talking about….  😛

Lois, Bill, Larry, Terry, Greg, Dad, Phyllis, Rose, Rich L, Eleanor, Emma, Brett, Shiree, Tasheena, Tom, Kes, Granny J, Tombo, DaNace, Lars, Jennica, Caden, Caitlin, Tony, Anthony, Dan (times 3), Glenn, Zach, Josh (times 4) Leigh, Mr. Pat, Scatt, James…….and the rest of you!  You know who you are.  I outed some, but not all.  Frankly I got tired of typing!  And for some left off….I know your coming.  Don’t frett about the list….you’re already expected!

Bill & Larry….this is the perfect excuse for the big Airstream trip.  Counting on you!  Come on, it’s a short drive!  😉

October 18th.  That’s the date.

Where do you need to be????

How about Prescott, Arizona?  Yeah, long drive for some, but you can do this.  I have confidence in you.

Why do you need to be here?

Catered event.  Tasty snacks from my friend CJ.  See, I didn’t put her on the list.  Why?  She’s catering of course.

What’s happening?

New gallery, studio, and print shop will be launching in Prescott.  So, where will you be?

You’d better be here!  🙂  Old Firehouse Plaza.  I’ll be the grinning guy with too many Macintosh computers and a few printers standing by.

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  1. Oh Rich, I would SO be there…. but it’s oldest SD’s wedding weekend. This is sooooooo exciting! I promise, we’ll get there…

    Oh man, I’m so freakin’ bummed I’m missing this…

  2. Cruds. I’m going to be late…

    Wait…did you explain that it is YOUR new gallery, studio and print shop…or is that just implied? 😉

  3. Congratulations, Rich, on your new gallery, studio, and print shop…

    And on your continued good fortune ever since we camped together at Anza-Borrego 18 months ago.

    We are happy and excited for you regarding your new venture.

    And even though we can’t make it for your opening, we’ll be there in spirit!

    Bill and Larry

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