30 Days in the Dells – #6

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The Granite Dells are beautiful morning and evening.  It’s with the early and late light that the place seems to add a lot of mystery, and the views are even more awe inspiring.

That’s not to say in high daylight the place is less amazing.  It’s cool all the time, and throughout the seasons.  But morning and evening shots seem to be a little more dramatic in my mind.

Last night my friend Caden called to see about popping by to take a few shots.  He’s recently acquired a new Canon XS, and he wanted to take it out for his first shoot in the Dells.

Ah, there’s another thing about the Dells.  If you’ve got a camera and you live in the area it seems you really must come by to do a little shooting!  😉

Caden dragged his new camera out and his new tripod.  Sadira popped by as well and we walked out into sinking light.  Since I didn’t get home until 6:10 we weren’t in good position for the sunset.  By the time I’d finished dinner it was almost 6:30.  Caden and Sadira arrived near that time, and we walked out.

As we made our way into the rocks I knew we’d be out of luck on the sunset.  But not on the brilliant colors in the sky after sunset.  We still had plenty of photo opportunities!

Unfortunately the mosquitoes are still around.  Last year was amazing.  Very few bugs.  This year with the extra moisture the mosquitoes have prospered.  Sure, they’re nothing like NH mosquitoes, but they’re still annoying, especially when you’re trying to take a photo!

We spent a good 45 minutes above Watson Lake on one of the walls, then we started making our way back.  I popped on a Tika head lamp and we were good to go!

After our photo shoot Caden and I spent a while going over some Photoshop basics.  I also showed him a segment of Ben Willmore’s video that I’d purchased the other week.  I think Caden will be buying it soon too!  Just a great DVD!

For the photos we’ve got a mix going on.  The first two are non-HDR, the third is HDR.  #’s 1 & 3 were shot with my 10-22mm, #2 was shot with my 70-300mm and my 580EX Speedlight.  It was dark, and I needed the flash if I was going to capture people after the sunset.

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