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I’ve finally finished uploading just about everything I wanted to my new Prints Site.  I’d mentioned Zenfolio last week, but hadn’t said much more on it.

Now that it’s ready I invite you to take a look.  I’m betting there are some photos there you’ve never seen!

Zenfolio utilizes my favorite printer,  I’ve used MPix to produce 20×30 Metallic prints for the gallery and I’ve been wowed by the quality MPix offers.  I’ll continue to use them until I have my new printer here.  Then all bets are off…..unless I want Metallics.  😉

I hope you enjoy my little online gallery at Zenfolio.  If there’s anything you like there you can order it now.  Pretty easy to use, I’ve tested it out myself.

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  1. Rich,

    What’s going on with the text on the Zenfolio site? There are many places where the spaces between words are missing as rendered on my Safari browser. Haven’t tried it with other browsers.

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  4. Rich,

    Just looked at Zenfolio with Firefox 3.0.1 on my Mac running Leopard and the rendering is exactly the same as in Safari. Quite a few words run together.

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