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Yesterday the blog remained quiet.  Everybody’s gotta take a break here and there!

We’re only days away from the grand opening of the new gallery.  Things are looking great there.  Ian has done an amazing job.  The print room is ready, and I’m ready to go……

Ummmm, the printer isn’t here yet!  I had delivery confirmation last Friday, but no follow up since that point.  Where is the printer?  Somewhere in shipping, hopefully not being damaged!  I’ll place a call this morning…..

During the final touches on the gallery over the past few days Ian has scrolled through my Lightroom library, and he’s found a few new photos.  “Why haven’t I seen these yet?”  Simple answer, I haven’t printed them yet.  I won’t be printing them for a while either.  We have plenty of prints.  More will be available later.

What types of photos?  Well, the one in this post.  Pretty cool shot of Devil’s Bridge.  My first “good one.”  I like it, but not all of it.  Some edits need to take place.

Notice the beautiful water bottle in the lower right corner?  Yeah, that really doesn’t make the scene, does it?  Wonder who tossed it in all this beauty?  Don’t know who did it, but I carried that piece of trash out that day.  I haven’t edited it out of the photo yet though…..

I’ll certainly keep folks updated about the gallery over the next few weeks.  It’s an exciting adventure, even in a down economy.  Just hope I have enough time to post updates!  Printing, framing, openings, and my regular job…..busy boy.  Last year at this time I was bored out of my skull!  🙂  October 15th of last year I wrote a re-cap of my time here….yup, bored that day!

Oh, one last thought.

Economics.  Where are we at.  You’ve probably wondered what I’m thinking on this.  Well, I think we’re in for some more nausea from the upcoming market action.  If you’ve gotten sea sick so far, get ready, it’s going to get more mixed, not less.

I will say that I had a HUGE laugh from a recent un-aired Saturday Night Live skit.  The link is right here.  Hope you can see it, the site has been swampped.  The most accurate short information bite regarding how we got here that I’ve ever seen.  Whoever wrote this skit actually understands the isse!

Bottom line, Congress and the Federal Reserve Bank brought us here.  Yes, banks and investors were involved.  But Congress created the issue, the Fed pushed the issue, and the financial community responded.  Now Congress gets to fix the problem they created.  Never thought I’d live in a country where “the State” started buying into businesses…..eeek!

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  1. Good luck with the opening, Rich. I really wish I could be there.

    Leaving tomorrow for stepdaughter’s wedding weekend.

    Y’all will be in my thoughts and prayers for a great successful opening…and continued success as well. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Ecomonics: I think were “around” an intermediate bottom. October is famous for “puke bottoms” – sorry for the crudeness. I closed 1/2 my put positions this morning and even bought some S&P500’s for my retirement account.
    Prediction – a 30% recovery of recent losses between now and year end, then the secular bear resumes.

  3. Post

    You might be right Dagny. I’ll tell you, the over arching bear is going to be with us for a while.

    I’ve been watching the metals markets closely, and I’m seeing a great buying opportunity around the corner. Let’s hope the gallery does well so I can re-invest in commodities….there’s my plan.

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