Catching up from the vacation week….

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Well, I’m off to work again today.  No more vacation time for me.  It went fast, way too fast.  What a bummer to see it end!  Ah well, I had fun, and I think my family did too!

So, what were the major events last week?

  • Sunday the 5th:  A visit in town with my family.  They’d ridden for 8 days cross country.  No car time for them that day!
  • Monday:  A trip to Sedona.  Palatki and Honatki ruins sites.  Amazing places, and a few amazing photos.
  • Tuesday:  Another day of rest.  Time at the gallery.
  • Wednesday:  A trip to the Grand Canyon.  All group members have now gotten one of those, “Some time in my life I want to see…..” check list items marked off.  For a guy who doesn’t like heights my dad sure seemed to like the place.
  • Thursday:  Another gallery day and more restful day overall.
  • Friday:  A trip along Route 66 to Seligman, AZ.  Did you know that there will be a Cars II movie?
  • Saturday:  The Verde Canyon Railway.  My dad is a big train buff you know.  Originally he wanted to try the Grand Canyon Railway.  Sadira let us know that the Verde Canyon Rail was a much nicer and more scenic ride.  She was right!  What a great trip.
  • Sunday the 12th:  For me, a day spent entirely at the gallery.  We’re ready to go.  Fantastic!  My family spent the day walking the town square checking things out at an art show.  They got a couple souvenirs there!

There’s the wrap up on our week off together.  I can safely say that I wore all of us out, even with a few days off from travel!  I hope they’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favorite places here in my new home state.  And just to let you know, I’m still glad to have landed in Arizona!  I’m sure you figured that out already though!

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  1. The list is making me yawn…How did we fit it all in?! I had an absolute blast…and I tell you, I can’t imagine being “squished” in the back of The Titan with any other gals!! 🙂

    Wait. Do we get to take a nap now? 😉

  2. Rich! No doubt about it. Your family had a perfectly wonderful time last week! With two great tour guides how could we miss!

    And let me add to your list or “explain” for your readers what we did during our “days of rest”! … visited with you and Sadira over pizza at Nick N Willy’s (Rose’s favorite part of the visit/vacation so far!), the hike in the Granite Dells overlooking Watson Lake (we don’t have rock formations like that in New England!), lunch at St Michael’s Hotel (love the inside of that old building!), the trip to Best Buy for the new MacBook (our turn!), the Antiques on the Square event (great vintage stuff!), and walking downtown Prescott window shopping here and there (Rose’s purchases at the Old Sage Book Shop- Star Trek and Nancy Drew!) not to mention checking out the transformation of the new space at the Old Firehouse Plaza into a beautiful, contemporary art gallery … and yes each day you wore us out with another great adventure!

    But all the wonder and awe aside – our reason for coming was to see you… it truly has been nice to once again have that Airstream parked nearby allowing for our early morning visits and throughout the day! You’re the best sight for us to see in Prescott at your home at Point of Rocks Campground. 🙂

  3. Now, I know I don’t post much, but I do read everyday, and I just have to say that it’s been such fun “re-discovering” AZ through your family’s trip! And that Phyllis seems like such a peach! I must admit, her post has me a little misty. *sniff*

    I’m looking forward to Saturday night!

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