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Today was strictly a gallery day.  Ian’s been slaving away for weeks on his side of the deal.  Getting the building ready.  Now comes my side of the deal, finally.  I’ve felt a little useless.  Honestly though, giving me power tools isn’t the wisest course of action…..ever!

I do swing a mean chainsaw though, and I’ve never maimed anyone with it!  🙂

The final signage went up this afternoon, and I decided that it was time to drag Ian & Jantina out of the building and into the streets!  A quick wide angle shot of the store front and the happy couple with their newest addition to the family, Logan.  He was snoozing away of course.

No, I’m not in the picture.  I’m usually the one behind the camera you know.  Ian asked where my tripod was to take a timed picture……  The car was so far away (1/4 block) that I couldn’t be bothered to get the tripod.  Ah, dodged the photo bullet once more!

The interior is just about done.  Now we’re into the “where to put things” phase.  More room than the old gallery, yet it seems we are overflowing with items!  Other artists will be displaying items in the gallery as well, and there’s some pretty cool stuff.

Now don’t get me wrong and think I called myself an artist above when I spoke about “Other artists.”  I consider myself an image engineer.  🙂  Gotta keep engineer in my title somewhere.  😉

As you can see, the gallery has come a long way from the roughed out shell I posted the other week.  Ian has been burning the midnight oil.  He’s also been burning the morning, afternoon, and evening oil.  Actually, it’s a bio fuel oil, so don’t get all worried that we’re wasting oil.  Oh, and it’s not whale oil either……

Over this week Ian will rearrange several times over (maybe several dozen) as he feels out how he wants the place to look.  I’m good with him doing that part.  Too much stuff to sort through, and he’s got a good eye for that type of stuff.  When he’s all done I’ll take a nice picture of it.

I spent the morning cleaning glass, cleaning the counter (which became messy immediately after), testing a new print head on my old i9100 (it works), creating more prints for my display books, and cleaning in the printer / framing room.  Busy day!

While I spent the day at the gallery my family toured Prescott a little more.  Another little art fair on the courthouse plaza today.  Apparently they found some cool things.  Well, the bags they were carrying tells me they found some cool things!

I’d say they had a relaxing day today.  We’ve been going pretty strong over the week.  Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Seligman, the Verde Canyon Railway…..whew!  Yup, we’ve been going alright!  So having today as a rest was great.  Of course, I wasn’t really resting, was I?

Not at all!

Tomorrow it’s back to work.  And when I get out of work it’s on to the gallery…..hmmmm…..going to be a long week.

Changing gears….

Alright, for those of you desperate for a shot of me from this week I offer the following.  Another shot by Phyllis….Me taking photos from a train.  See, behind the camera works best for me!

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