A Fanciful Fantasy Photo Shoot

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About as close to fantasy shooting as I normally get!

Say that three times fast!

Yesterday I got a request from Sadira.  She requested my assistance doing a photo series for a “Mad Hatter Tea Party” type of a deal.  Hmmmm…..never done anything like that before.  She explained that it was for a virtual party that her friend Vanessa is putting together over at A Fanciful Twist.

Now Sadira is a pretty creative young lady.  Her shop Snap Snap, her home, Foolswoode, all tell you that she’s a fanciful type of a person.  Me on the other hand……not so fanciful.  But I said yes to the request, and now I’m pondering exactly what we’re going to be shooting this evening.  She’s got props, top hats, a tea set, a picnic blanket, and a juggler named Clay.  I’ve got cameras, tripods, batteries, and memory cards.

Guess we’re going to see what comes out of this one!  Actually, if all goes well, you’ll see it here tomorrow.

Fortunately I’ve got a little extra help today.  Jeff Revell over at Photowalk Pro mentioned something on his blog this morning that gave me hope.  In his Wednesday news items posting he talked about a new class at KelbyTraining.com.  For those who don’t know this, I subscribe to that site and I get to watch some very good training videos.

Well, Jeff doesn’t know what a help he’s been with his new posting.  The new training is put on by Dave Cuerdon, and it’s a tutorial on Fantasy Portraits of all things.  Does this just not scream out, “Watch me Rich, before you go shoot tonight, watch me!!!!!!”  Well, it screams it out to me.

I’ve already started watching Dave’s video.  While not exactly what I’ll be dealing with (a set of props, a few people, etc) I think his tutorial might just get some creative ideas going for me.  I’m going to need them!  🙂

So, be sure to check in tomorrow.  Something will be posted at sometime.  😉  I’ll try to do the shoot this evening, image selection, and post processing and have something up in the morning.  But it might drag out into tomorrow.  One of those wait and see deals for sure.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!!!

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  1. Hey Rich,
    Off-topic, I’m going to purchase a new MacBook Pro 15″ … I think. Wondering: I think you’re a Mac guy, but I’m not sure. Can you let me know your opinion – it is valued.
    All best,

  2. *blush*

    Why thank you…I’ve always sort of thought of myself as a creative fanciful person, and I am so indebted to Vanessa for the chance to Tea Party down…and to you for agreeing to bring your photographic and technical excellence to this project…I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

    I’ve got to rush home and load up the car with boxes of frippery now…

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