My reprieve and your sneak peak

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Last night I went out to help Sadira with her “Mad Hatter Tea Party” theme.  Her good friend Clay came along as well.  You might remember Clay, although you’ve never heard his name.  Clay was one of my feature slideshow photos from the Tsunami on the square.  He was totally on board with the evening’s project.

I was feeling pretty rushed and last minute.  Learned about this on Tuesday night.  And this is something very new for me.



Clay's Mad Hatter Tea Party Juggling Style

I misunderstood when the pictures are needed.  They’re not needed until Saturday.  That gives me some wiggle room, time for sorting and post processing, and then final selections.  It also means I can run to the gallery and work on the photos there.

See, my MacBook Pro is one of the “original” Macbook Pro’s.  What’s that mean?  Simple.  It doesn’t have the juice necessary to handle Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 and my background processes going on.  Bottom line, editing the 5D Mark II files on it just plain sucks.  It’s a 1.83GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM.  The system I purchased for the gallery is beefier.  It can handle things quicker.

Oh please, no anti-Mac folks chiming in now.  This is a 3 year old laptop and it handles the 40D files and edits just fine.  But when it bites into 21MP photos it has some extra chewing to do.  I’d like to see a 3 year old Windows laptop do half as good with the same configuration.

I’m proud of my Macbook Pro.  It’s done a great job over the past few years, on the road, providing so many services to me.  While traveling it was my communications platform, my blogging system, the photo editing platform, my DVD player and entertainment center all in one, the podcasting platform, and more.

Soon it might be time for an upgrade, but even when that comes I’ll hang on to this system.  I’ll pass on my old G4 IBook as I did my prior IBook.  This Macbook will be re-tasked as the etnertainment and blogging system, and the new platform will step up as the heavy hitter photo system.  I can wait a while, and I’ve got the gallery system to do the heavy lifting demanded by the files produced by the 5D Mark II.

In the end, I had a reprieve for the night.  I didn’t have to sort and edit all night long, and the Macbook Pro got to breathe easy.  Looks like I’ll be in the gallery for a while  doing my postprocessing work.  We got a few fun photos, and I’m looking forward to really dealing with them after a client call this morning!

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  1. What a magical night indeed drinking tea and eating pupcakes at dusk…dancing around in the rocks…Thank you for capturing it. I am delighted at what I have seen thus far and anticipating what is to come!!

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