A few more random images from the Grand Staircase

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As we’re having another busy day here in Prescott at RL Charpentier Photography (and giclee reproductions), I thought I could take 5 minutes and post a few more photos from last weekend’s excursion / workshop.

Once again, these images are all from the Grand Staircase Escalante…..

In a canyon narrows

The Stone Face. Can you see the face in the rock formation?

Approaching Grovener Arch

Me "posing" in the Cottonwood Narrows

Water flow in Hackberry Canyon

Beneath Grovener Arch

Alright, back to work for me.  Enough slacking and playing on the blog!  🙂

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  1. #5 and #6 totally “rock”! Seriously, great work here Rich – how come we didn’t go to the Grand Staircase? I need to come back and spend more time…

  2. Post

    Thanks guys. Yeah Jason, 5 & 6 are pretty neat. Still, I think my favorite from the whole trip has to be Candy Land from the previous post. That image is dead on to what we saw there.

    Personally I’d love to go back this weekend! Wanna go? 🙂

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