A new entrant to the metallic print market?

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Yes, it looks like another company may be bringing metallic papers to the giclee reproduction space.  And frankly I’m extremely excited about the prospect.

For 2 years I’ve been running Breathing Color’s product line here at R.L. Charpentier Photography.  And during that time clients have been thrilled with Chromata Canvas, Lyve, Optica One, 30MS, Allure Rag (sorry to see it go).  So is it any wonder that I’d be excited about the prospect of metallic papers from Breathing Color?

Recently I received 2 sets of 8.5×11 metallic papers from Breathing Color.  2 different product lines.  I’m not sure if they’ll be running both, but I can tell you I already have a preference.  The “Silver” line of paper is extremely impressive.

Before I started testing out actual prints on the new papers I did my standard profiling.  Color Munki, Photoshop, profiling the papers and reprofiling my monitors.  A little investment in time, but I really wanted to get the best results possible.

What I’ve found with Breathing Color’s “Silver” metallic is a paper that not only has the look of a print on metal, it also seems to add it’s own texture to the mix.  Hard to describe, and sorry for falling short, but the best word I can use is texture.  If you’ve ever printed on a Satin paper, you’ve noticed a little extra texture.  I suppose that’s the best comparison.  The paper has a satin quality to it, combined with the metallic edginess, it makes for one amazing print!

This morning I ran my latest favorite image, Candy Land, on both the Silver and Blue metallics that Breathing Color sent me to test.  The Silver really came out the winner.  A high dynamic range, interesting punch with the satin like finish, and something that I would love to run larger pieces on.  The “Blue” seems a little flat when compared side by side with the “Silver.”  While still an interesting metallic paper it doesn’t have the punch that the Silver offers.

So, a new source for metallic papers?  Looks like it.  Breathing Color hasn’t announced the product line yet, rolls aren’t out, but I did get my hands on some samples for my own private testing here!  And the Silver metallic stacks up nicely against Red River’s Polar Pearl Metallic.  I’ll look forward to Breathing Color’s official announcement regarding this new paper, and keep you informed!

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  1. Red River Paper has been my mainstay for metallic style prints, so am interested in hearing more detailed thoughts on how Breathing Color’s stacks up across the board – gamut, archival quality, cost, etc. Can’t wait to see what the particulars are from your prints and perspectives…have a great weekend! 🙂

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    I too run Red River’s Polar Pearl, and I’m extremely happy with it. I am extremely impressed with the metallic quality on Breathing Color’s “Silver”. The additional texture is a selling point to me.

    Now, prices, etc? Waiting on finding out that part. I’ll be running some more tests and doing some side by sides with the Polar Pearl.

    One thing I can say….I’m glad more options are coming to market!

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