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A little more detail on the latest Route 66 trip, and a few photos I like

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Each photo trip is never a guarantee that I'll shoot something I really like. While at Twin Arrows I got one that I personally like a lot!

Now that the whirlwind of activity has passed since Sunday’s Route 66 trip I’ve finally been able to sit down, sort photos, and collect my thoughts on the latest excursion along the famous road.  Whew, that was a super long sentence!

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I went a little darker with the final production of this shot purposfully. Why? I like the overall look, even the vignette. Just personal preference here.

Sunday Josh and I took a ride up to Winslow, Arizona to have a little photo fun.  Only a week before I made the same trip with Sadira to check out the location for the first time.  Round number 2 was as much fun as the first trip, but this time around I had some ideas about what I was hoping to shoot.  Unfortunately, the things I’d wanted to shoot didn’t work out the way I wanted them to, but some new possibilities were opened up thanks to the ever changing Arizona sky.

For those who read here the other week where I talked about the fact that often Arizona just has a permanent hyper blue sky you’re probably scratching your heads now.  How can it be an ever changing sky in one post, and in another a permanently hyper blue sky?  Simple.  I get to say things like that… blog!  🙂

Josh and I were riding up through Chino, Flagstaff, and Winona hoping for one thing.  Clouds.  Early morning was already passed, and we weren’t getting to Winslow until 11 a.m.  Not the “magic” lighting hour to be sure.  But with some amazing clouds and such you might still pull off a cool photo or two, and that’s what we were going to try and do.

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The Twin Arrows site has been thoroughly ravenged! And it makes for some interesting photos.

Amazingly enough the clouds built along our ride.  Flagstaff had some great cloud cover, Winona had the same, and by the time we reached Winslow we found ourselves in the “void o’ clouds.”  Clouds all around us, but not over Winslow.  Stands to reason the sky wouldn’t cooperate!  Apparently this happens to Josh regularly.  Note to self…..don’t take Josh out on days when you want clouds.

After spending a while in Winslow and getting a little lunch in us we decided to head back toward Winona, and toward several burned out gas stations we’d noted on the way in.  One was located at “2 Guns” and the other at Twin Arrows.  The week before Sadira and I had passed Twin Arrows there were no arrows.  Apparently they were renovated in 1 week!  Wow.

Our fun shooting began when we hit the wrecked stations.  I’ve just got a thing for abandoned buildings and old things.

The day was good.  I think Josh and I both came away with images we’re happy with.  In this post you’ve seen a few that I have worked on a bit, and I’m actually liking them!

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    Thanks Betsy! I’m always happy when I think I’ve come away with something I’ll like. I thought that it would be interesting when I shot it, and when I looked at it yesterday it became my favorite of the trip.

    Oh, and you don’t want to go in that building. Insulation on the floor, a smell that won’t leave your mind quickly, and broken glass everywhere. It’s a shame to see the damage inflicted by vandals…..

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