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A Photoshop contest is coming, and I’m going to enter!

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Another Twin Arrow shot. Used Topaz Detail, altered their "blue sky" setting, and combined it with 2 other settings to enhance the details in the paint's flaking.

The latest issue of Photoshop User magazine hit the Airstream last week.  And as usual, I tore right into it to see what’s new and exciting.  Know what I found?

Right near the front of the magazine a contest was announced.  The contest genere?  “So you think you can……”  Fortunately it’s not a “So you think you can dance,” types, because I know I can’t.  Well, I can dance, but not on the order where I’d be excited about a contest.

This contest is right up my alley.  So you think you can teach photoshop……  Ah, I enjoy teaching.

The contest sounds pretty simple.  Make a Photoshop Tutorial.  I’m sure it needs to be an interesting one!  Yet still, keep it simple, don’t get too crazy or complex.  Well, that’s my strategy that I’m formulating now.

During the course of my days in network engineering I created dozens upon dozens of tutorials.  The goal was simple.  Take a person off the street who doesn’t know the tech jargon and get them up and running switches, DACs systems, tracking databases, switch translations, etc.  The tutorials came along well, and I trained several complete novices on switching in a matter of weeks to months.  The tutorials did their job.

So, now I have an opportunity to write a tutorial that deals with Photoshop.  How exciting!!!  Guess what?  I want to win!

Now, to my readers I have a question.  What would you like to see a tutorial on?  I’d love to get some ideas from all of you, and work on more than one tutorial.  Doing that will allow me to pick what I think would really fly for Photoshop User.  Please, pile in the suggestions!  I know I’m one of probably thousands of people who will enter, but I think I could pull this off with the right idea!

Thanks in advance everyone!!!


I’ll be posting some of the tutorials here of course.  So, your suggestions will be seen, even if I don’t win the contest.  🙂

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  1. I would keep it simple… the thing I still have the biggest issue with is post production color balance so that’s my vote.

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