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Still an interesting scene. I'd like to deal with the window and interior lighting.

Interestingly enough, last night and this morning I received multiple e-mails regarding Sunday’s photos.  Questions on processing, things folks didn’t like (some haloing), stuff folks did like (the results with Topaz) and a few other comments to boot.  To my surprise, the post generated more than 10 direct e-mail questions.  That’s a lot of questions on a single post.

At Scott Kelby’s site I think he’s got 10 comments on most posts within an hour of posting.  For here, that much comment and inquiry in under 24 hours is pretty cool.

So, I wanted to show you the 0EV totally unedited shots that went into what you saw in yesterday’s post.  Why?  Then you can see what’s coming out without any manipulation, HDR, etc.

I also want to explain the process here at the blog just so people understand what’s going up.  See, what’s hitting the blog is normally not what I’m printing, or what I’ve settled on.  You could say the blog is by the seat of my pants.

What do I mean?

  • Normally I’ll travel somewhere and take pictures.  The trip usually takes the whole day and when I return I’m really beat.
  • I offload photos almost immediately when I get home.
  • A light sort occurs.  The really super bad stuff gets deleted.
  • A few random photos get selected for a first round of toying.
  • I’ll toy with the shots, HDR, Photoshop, etc.  Just playing with the initial concept I had while shooting the scene.
  • The photos will be exported to my web folder.
  • I’ll zing out a blog post in 15 – 20 minutes.

That’s the standard process for the blog.  By the seat of my pants.  Review posts, podcasts, and the rest get more attention of course, and sometimes take a few days to put together.  But the standard post is on the fly.  It’s a blog, not a magazine.  You can do that with a blog.  🙂

So, without further delay, here’s the rest of the un-touched shots that tie right back to Sunday’s post.


The sun was peaking around the building, and I liked that. The HDR required a little cropping, but this doesn't


Still a cool scene, even without the HDR



Very little difference between the original and Topaz. Just a little more detail in Sunday's image wouldn't you say?

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  1. Don’t change a thing – the blogging community is starting to become so patterned (and I am equally guilty of it), the spontaneity is getting lost in the muck. Cool documentary style shots again here as always Rich!

  2. Post

    Thanks Jason! No plans on changing how I do the quickie posts. 🙂 Although I do plan on showing some more final products down the road when I have time. Already printing several canvases for clients this morning, so editing pictures will have to wait.

    I’ve talked with many bloggers regarding their postings, and how I post. A good friend asked last year, “How long does it take you to make a post?” My answer stunned him.

    Of course, his posts are very detailed trip reports, he writes for multiple magazines, and he shoots for those magazines as well. His blogging style reminds me of his magazine articles. Extremely polished, the final versions of photos, etc. The posts normally take him days to well over a week……

    For me, while I love his writing style and the polish on his blog, I don’t have the patience for that in this format. If I write an article and pick through it the plan is that it is going into a magazine (which I’ve done), or it’s a detailed tutorial. If it isn’t something along those lines then my mind says simply, “This is just a blog, you can use smilies all day long, and you don’t have to pick it apart.”


    Oh, see, there’s a smiley!

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