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Breathing Color Revisited

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Yesterday’s post on the new Allure Rag that I’ve started using generated a lot of response.  No comments on the site, but it seems everybody in the galaxy has my private e-mail address(es).  Funny, why not comment so everyone can read along?

Ah well, such is life.

Here’s the bottom line for the printing I’ve been doing……

Initially I experimented with HP Papers (since I’m running an HP), and several other vendors.  I checked out Breathing Color on several recomendations, and based on Ian’s prior experience with Optica One.  His old printer used it for watercolor reproductions.

Over the course of weeks and weeks we tested out every canvas that I purchased for testing.  We produced gallery wrap after gallery wrap.  Disappointing results over and over on texture, feel, and cracking along the prestretched canvases.  Only one exception.  Breathing Color’s Chromata canvas.  The bad issues we’d experienced with 3 other manufacturer’s canvas did not occur with Breathing Color.  That simple.  And our clients have all enjoyed their canvas reproductions.  In the end, it’s what they want that counts.

For the Optica, I can only point to Ian…..and several other artists in Northern Arizona who have chosen the Optica One.  I’ve got several other matte heavy weight papers in stock for clients, and after showing samples to folks they go with Optica One.

My new experience with their Rag is still just that….new.  Give me a few weeks.  So far I can say that it’s better than the satin I tested out initially.

Of course, I’ll post more here as we utilize products further.  I’m happy to print on any media the HP can digest.  And I’m happy to tell you about what works in our shop.

Oh, and if you want the tech specs I can provide them.  Just wanted to give a quick answer to all of today’s e-mails.  I’m not an advertiser for any company, but I do report what works for me.  That simple!  🙂

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    LOL Tombo! I wish! No kickbacks, but I think they’re happy with how much canvas I’ve ordered so far!

    We’ve had people compare wraps in the gallery (one of Ian’s was done on an HP canvas). You can see and feel the difference.

    All I can say is I’m happy with the product.

    Oh, and I really like HP’s Instant dry gloss, and their instant dry photo matt as well. Every company seems to have something worth using.

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