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sedonarally-1Yet another hopping weekend.  Airstream rallies, gallery openings, and super busy at the gallery…….Whew!  I need a rest!

Saturday morning Sadira and I set out to visit the 4 Corners Unit at Dead Horse State Park.  I’ve been thinking about joining the unit, and I decided yesterday I definitely will.  Great group of people, several of my friends are already members, and they’re not your standard Airstream club unit.  All good by me.

Mike Young was among the members at yesterday’s rally, and when he heard I’d be coming up he checked in to see about going to do a little photography.  We were going to check out a ruin site he’d heard about in the morning, and then spend time at the rally for the afternoon.

Lot’s to do, and I also had a gallery opening I wanted to attend.  Tantrix officially opened on Saturday, and several friends and clients were hanging their work at the gallery.  So, I felt a little cramped for time all day…..ah well, my own doing!

sedonarally-2When we arrived at the rally (late, my fault, kept forgetting stuff that morning) we were greeted by Mike, Karen, Terry, and Richard.  We chatted for a few and I met several other members.  Names aren’t remembered right now.  I did good with 4 names.  I’ll learn them over time as I attend additional rallies.

We headed off to find Mike’s ruin site in 2 vehicles.  His tow vehicle and my little Versa.  As we headed toward town I wondered what site he’d learned about beyond the ones I’ve already been to.  I know there are a few more in Sedona, and was hoping to see another one.

We never found the forest service road number he was looking for.  So we ended up heading over to Boynton Canyon for a little shooting.  Still fun, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

After our photo round Sadira and I headed back to the rally.  We also popped by New Frontiers for a little lunch to go.  Upon our return we started visitng with old and new friends alike.  Always interesting to hang around with a bunch of Airstreamers.  You feel at home pretty quickly.  I think Sadira really enjoyed the whole group.

Unfortunately we had to cut our visit short and zip back to Prescott.  I’m looking forward to getting together with the Four Corners Unit again soon.  I think the next rally is in New Mexico.  Good photo opportunities there!

The opening at Tantrix was pretty amazing.  The shop was packed with people, parking lot full, belly dancers, fire dancers, the works!  Once we walked in I saw Kassie and John Urban immediately.  Right behind them, Josh.  Ashley was actually helping to serve the guests, so we didn’t get to visit much with her.

sedonarallyhdr-1I think my friends got great exposure last night, and now we’ll see how things go as the business reaches out to the community.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone involved succeed.

Sunday wasn’t a whirlwind day of travel or visiting with folks.  It was a day at the gallery.  A good day!

To start the day off, an “rush job” on several prints for a client flying out of town at the end of the day.  Some very cool prints too!  Mid-day it seemed like a tour bus was off loaded at the gallery.  Just a rush of people, visiting with folks, talking about different prints….. lots of fun!

By the end of the day Ian and I were both exhausted.  Plenty of printing to do, plenty of customers, a day that went by fast!

Glad to say I’ll use tomorrow as a day of rest!  Getting ready for another interesting week.  And soon, prepping to head to Borrego.

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  1. I **LOVE** rallies! We’re WBCCI members at large…haven’t attended any WBCCI rallies yet, but hope to. I hear great things about your prospective chapter.

    We’ve done a couple Air Forums rallies and have had a blast.

    Rally on!

  2. I had a great time with the group and can’t wait until we get to stay for a whole rally! I was sitting there loving that everyone was all dressed in theme and could hardly keep myself from thinking of all sorts of creative fun to bring to everyone…I’m so sad we had to leave early…but I am looking forward to more fun with this group! 🙂

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