Everybody’s Hometown marches forward…..Number 2

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One of the things I’m happy to do for clients at the gallery is go out and get custom photos.  I’ve gotten requests for certain places at sunrise or sunset.  Specific landmarks, buildings, or subject matter.  Heck, I’ve frozen myself silly pre-dawn just to get the exact shot that will work.

Is it any surprise that out of custom jobs I find something that really works for me as well?  No, no surprise at all.

Recently a client requested a shot of the Hassayampa Hotel’s sign.  Her daughter had been married there.  And she likes my style of photography and what I’ve done with landmarks in the town of Prescott.

So, what did I get out of the shoot?

How about my second, “Everybody’s Hometown” for what I think will become a series.  The first hometown that I’ve been printing is selling out quickly.  I did a very limited series, and I’m kicking myself over it now.  Ah well, learning all the time.

Without further procrastination, here’s my newest that I think I like.  I’ll have to print it first of course……  🙂

Everybody's Hometown #2?

Everybody's Hometown #2?

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  1. Rockport, MA has Motif #1, but I don’t know if there was ever a Motif #2, or #3, or #4.

    Prescott, AZ already has a #2, thanks to you. Just for fun, the next one you do should be called Everybody’s Hometown #4. Just skip #3 to keep folks guessing what it was. Release 3 of software has historically be a bomb, so the same idea might carry over. 🙂

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  4. Oops, I was just going to ask if you could get rid of the lines. Never mind!!

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