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In Camera HDR….I just learned about this!

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My preferred rendition of another recent Vulture shot. 3 exposure HDR tone mapped just the way I wanted it!

Have you heard about in camera HDR? I just learned about it. I know…..get with the times Rich!

Reading “Outdoor Photographer” yesterday I learned that several manufacturers have started producing gear that will create HDRs in the camera.  It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it?  I mean, we already had auto bracketing, this was bound to happen.

So, do I feel threatened by the fact that anyone can produce an HDR in camera?  Nope!  I think it sounds pretty cool, but I do have reservations.  How much creative room does the photographer have with the camera producing the HDR?  Can a user select how they want images layered?  Can they take tone mapping further afterward???  How about controlling Haloing?  These are just a few questions I have.

Same image, altered tone mapping. With a slight change I have heavy haloing around the wall, and the foreground has gone too surreal. So, can you be as selective with in camera HDR???

For my part, the interest in HDR spurred a 6 month Photoshop learning spree years ago.  I really got into layering, curves, blending modes, and more.  Next I jumped into the Photomatix learning curve.  And since all that initial learning I’ve pushed further into stylizing the images to get the final print that I want.  I’m wondering if “in camera” can offer the same creative license, or if the manufacturers have determined what type of HDR is right and that’s all that will be available to the consumer.

To any manufacturer out there willing to send me a loaner model, I’d love to review in camera HDR up close and personal.  I’m always very detailed regarding these things, and I’ll put any piece of equipment through its paces.

For readers, if you have experience with this new technology, please leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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  1. Hey Rich,
    Great blog – glad I happened upon it. We photography-lovin’ Airstreamers have to stick together.

    Wondering how many epxosures you’re using to get the wonderful HDR shots you make your larger prints from. I’m guessing I’ll head back into the blog and find out, but thought I’d ask anyhow.

    I’m using Canon’s built in 3-shot bracketing, but I’m aware that Photomatix can probably handle far more than that, and that it would only be that much more effective if I had as wide a range of exposures to work from.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Post

    Welcome aboard Brad! Glad to have you along.

    I’ll do anywhere from 3 – 6 exposures for HDRs. It depends on the scene, but I’ve been getting good at picking what scene needs what level of bracketing.

    I’ll be checking your blog out today. Have a great one.

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