That Sounds Like Work……

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This is an actual interaction with a person who walked into the gallery this week…….

I'm thinking about writing another how to book.......

Customer:  I’m looking for Ian Russell.  Is he in today?

Me:  No, but can I help you.  My name is Rich and I’m Ian’s partner here.

Customer:  Well, I saw Ian’s brochure on print reproduction at another shop.  I’ve written a story and I have photography to go with it.  I want to publish it as a book.  You can’t help me with that, I need to speak with Ian.

Me:  Actually, I do the print reproduction work here.  The brochure was for R.L. Charpentier Photography, right?

Customer:  Yes, that was the brochure, but you can’t help me.  Ian does that.

Me:  Well, I’m the one who does the computer work and print setup.  But we don’t do book publications.  I do have a few suggestions for self publishing if you’d like me to write them down.

Customer:  The brochure said you guys produced books.

Me:  In my mind of course……The brochure says nothing about book publishing.

Customer:  Do you know anyone who does that in town?  I’ve got the story and pictures.  I need someone to put it together.

Me:  Nobody to my knowledge.  But I do know several online companies that help authors self publish, and the costs are extremely reasonable.

Customer:  So, I’d give them the information and they could make it?

Me:  Well, you’d lay out the book and upload it to the self publishing company.  It’s pretty easy.  I’ve done it before……….at this point I got cut off.

Customer:  Well, that sounds like work.  I just need someone to put it together and lay it out for me.

At  that point she excused herself and headed out in a huff……..

Man, I can’t wait until Mercury Retrograde is over!

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  1. You do get some characters that find their way into your establishment !! Isn’t retail great ? Some people just expect you to do all their work for them.

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    I think the “meeting characters” is a total feature of retail. I’ve met more characters in the past few years. Back in the wireless engineering days you’d meet a few characters but not in the proportions I now meet them. 🙂

  3. Hey Richard – I’ve got an idea for a photo shot & putting together a wireless network… Is Ian around?

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    Hmmmm……Self Help Guru eh? Sounds like a flimsy cover for some wireless dude out of Florida. I’ll pass the message on to Ian.

    And Jason……great dig for the morning too. You and SHG must be coordinating! 🙂

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