Is there such a thing as too much Photoshop?

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Apparently there is.  Hey, I don’t believe it, but I had an article forwarded to me the other day on the subject.

The article was titled “Too Much Photoshop?  Judge for yourself.”  Apparently during a “Photo of the Year” contest in Denmark several photographers were asked to provide their RAW files to the judges, as there was a concern about how far the images had been photoshopped.  Hmmmm……The images were really cool.  So, do I care what techniques they used after the fact?


Check out the article.  Decide for yourself.  Personally, the photos in question were cool.  The guys who shot them are super good at post processing.  And they’re sharing what they want to share through their images.  Is what they did too much?  Not for me.

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  2. I don’t think so. “Back in the day,” they used to ask the same question about too much “darkroom technique” being used on photos. Post-processing has always been around, it’s just digital now-days, and not nearly as messy nor hazardous!

    If it was good enough for Ansel Adams, whose photos really came to life by using A LOT of darkroom post process, then it’s good enough for me to use PS today.

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