Sandblasted off roaders in Prescott Valley

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overlandjourn-2-of-3Yesterday I took a quick trip out to the Overland Journal’s expo at the fairgrounds outside of town.  The grounds are located on a very “open” stretch toward Prescott Valley.  I mean OPEN.  So, when the winds get going here, as they do each Spring, you’re in for an interesting time!

The expo was pretty cool.  Many types of off road vehicles, cool trailers, and hybrid “campers” designed for off roading.  Anyone who’s familiar with me knows I love the gadgets.  And the folks at the show seemed to like the gadgets as well!

So, what was out there in the way of vehicles?

Jeeps, a lot of Jeeps.  Heck, I miss my Jeep.

There were also many Toyotas decked out to the nines.  Some Unimogs, Sportsmobiles, and even a 4×4 VW Westfalia.  Yeah, that one got my attention!

Going to shows like this one leave me missing one feature of the old days at AT&T Wireless…..the large paychecks that would allow me to get all these fun toys quickly!  Ah well, I don’t need the toys right now anyhow……sour grapes… hem…..

The expo folks seemed to be having a good time with one minor glitch.  The winds showed up in force.  Toward the end of the visit I decided to pack away the camera.  No use in sandblasting the 40D.  And it was a sandblasting for sure!



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  1. Looks like fun! We saw the two trucks in that middle photo gassing up in Chino. Definitely attention getters. 🙂

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