This cool little popup has a porch!

July 3rd, almost the 4th!

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This cool little popup has a porch!

This cool little popup has a porch!

This morning I woke up to a dark interior of the Airstream.  Clouds have rolled in early today.  Usually during monsoon season the storms build up through the day, and you get a whopping storm somewhere in the afternoon.  So seeing the dense cloud cover this morning was odd.  But it’s okay too.  It’s nice outside!

If you were to take a stroll through Point of Rocks today you would notice that all the sites are filled.  Yesterday 27 RVs pulled in.  It was fun to see.  Everyone getting settled, breaking out their grills, popping open lawn chairs……just getting ready for a fun weekend of camping in the Granite Dells.

Being full time I really do sometimes forget the wonder of where I am.  The Airstream is just home.  This is my normal day to day life.  But when I see the “weekenders” pulling into a park it reminds me just how cool camping is.  In my world, home is my office and place to sleep.  For everyone else around me in their RVs it’s about weekend getaways, vacations, and family road trips.  When they’re done this weekend most will go back to their homes, and their RVs will be packed away for weeks or months.  In my case there’s no driving off to go home, the Airstream is home!

IMG_8475Last night the smell of barbequed food was everywhere.  Sitting outside for the evening I found myself extra hungry even after dinner.  Steaks, chicken, grilled veggies….the air was full of some great stuff!   I’m looking forward to smelling what everyone cooks today and tonight!  Maybe I should wander by and look hungry…..  🙂

I hope where ever you are for the 4th of July weekend you’re having fun!  If you’re out camping, make the most of it.  I know you eventually have to go home……  Since I already am home, I’ll just enjoy watching the fun show that is holiday camping!


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  1. 16 Monday’s to go til we hit the road full time, in part due to following your posts over the least couple of years. See you out there.

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