Seriously, scam artists targeting photographers still

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Keep going down that highway Kate

Keep going down that highway Kate

Tonight I got another fake inquiry for photography.  The method has changed a little, but not by much.  Like the previous scam we outed here years ago, we have another hearing impaired potential client getting in touch.  This time her name is Katie Peterson.  Her e-mail is

I pop her e-mail in not to tempt you to engage, but rather to get the word out.  Like our last scam artist focusing on wedding photographer, Katie is angling for a family reunion photo.  She wants to know my availability for the month of July.  No specific city, she’s waiting on her planner, and most importantly, she’s waiting on you to fall into her trap.

This is Kate Peterson,Am hearing impaired, I want you to check if you have available weekends between July 4th-31st. If you have a date open i want you to work on the estimate cost for the 5 hours photo coverage from 11am-4pm, and 6-16×20 prints family photo portraits because we have 6 families coming together for the reunion event. The event will be held locally here in the state but i will give you the main address once i have the address from the event planner i will cover the travel expenses if needed. and i hope you can handle this event. I’ll make the full payment with my credit card to book the date also i will forward you the event venue once the event planner book the hall.get back to me if you can handle this for me ..

Yeah, reading Katie’s message, do you smell scam?  It’s dripping in scam…..and if you miss it I’m not sure what to tell you.  Scam, scam, scam!  Bleh!

Years ago I wrote about the Formula Wedding E-mail, and I saved countless photographers from falling victim to the scam put on by Kelly & Mike.  And also the same letter from  Both Kelly and Kathy are hearing impaired as well.  That lends to not being able to call and talk with them.  And their scam actually worked on several photographers I know…..

My name is Kathleen Morris,i live in Oklahoma. I am presently in
London(UK)but probably will be moving back home soon and i’ll be
getting married shortly after my arrival in the states to my fiance
Dave Richard .We will need a wedding/party Photographer to help us in
making up our ceremony from the church to the hotel reception.We will
like to find out what your plans are for Thursday,January 24th,2013.
This is the date of our wedding so kindly let us know your
availability for this day.We’ll take responsibility for your expenses
regarding our plans.we might not be able to meet you soon as
planned,due to our unavailability in the states but,we are willing to
retain the date, that’s to make deposit for booking prior we to our
arrival to be sure we are interested in your service,if we really
are.Waiting to get your response.
Kathleen and Dave

All of these scam artists have one thing in common.  They’re trying to rip off photographers who are desperate for work.  They play at a game of sending you money, then telling you they over paid and need a refund from you, or a payment to their “planner” (aka scum bag accomplice).  So folks, the latest name in the fraud list?  Maybe she was Kathygirlforlife, and she finally got married.  Associate with the word SCAM!

P.S.  I’m a little bored mentally this week, so I am engaging this scammer in conversation.  I always enjoyed the 419 Eater website, and have decided it’s my turn to enjoy screwing with a scammer.  If you haven’t read 419 Eater you’re missing out.  Hey Kate, you’re gonna love my response!  I’m wishing for a photo of a horse’s ass for my Featured image on this post, but I have literally never photographed a horse’s ass!  🙁

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  1. This lady has scammed me this week! She is wanting me to do family reunion…first she said the event was in a town near me then changed it to Dallas?!?! Also this week I was scammed by a lady wanting me to watch her son. I reversed search the pic she sent and came to an article of a boy fighting brain cancer. The odd thing about this that I am having a photo special for a little girl with leukemia!!!

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  3. I am a web application developer. I have my phone number posted on my web site and I just received the following text message: “Am Kate i am an hearing impaired.i wanna know if you can handle website design for a new company and also if you do you accept credit cards ??” So I guess they’ve add web developers to their list of targets along with photographers. Thanks for the information. I was pretty sure it was a scam and I’m glad to have validated it.

  4. I still don’t understand how the scam works….could you explain?
    Can you make sure you shout when you type please as I’m hearing impaired !!! heehee!

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