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This morning I got up a little before 6 a.m.  BHPhotoVideo opens at 9 a.m. EST and I wanted to get ahold of them ASAP.

I was on hold for about 5 minutes and then Thomas picked up.  Nice enough guy.  I explained the situation, described the packaging, and asked for some help.

Thomas arranged for a return exchange.  He e-mailed me an RMA number that I need to put on the packaging.  I’ll have to touch base with Ian today, get the label on the box (I printed a few), and then go into waiting mode.

B&H will be contacting the shipping company and the shipping company will contact me tomorrow to arrange pickup.  Time is wasting….. The shipping company will arrange pickup and get it back to B&H.  They will evaluate the damage and go from there.  3-5 days from their receipt we should have something turned around.

That leaves me unable to setup and test the printer next week.  We launch soon you know.  Still all exciting, but this is the big stick thrown into the bicycle spokes, and I just went over the handle bars!  😉

So, sometime next week the printer will be picked up it seems.  I mean, if the shippers call tomorrow do you think they’ll pick it up tomorrow?  Probably not, just being realistic.  That means pick up next week, shipping, and then assessment.  Ugh!

From the point it gets to them we’ll still have some more time to burn.  Ugh again.

I’m thinking my best case scenario will be receipt of a replacement within 2 weeks.  That cuts right into our launch.  Not exactly what I wanted.  But hey, you’ve got to be flexible.

Regular readers know that I’ve been pretty flexible over the past few years.  Just a few interesting events in my life led me to the point I’m at now.  So, I’m being flexible once more.  Sometimes I feel like Gumby!

Well, there’s the latest.  B&H is working with me, but the process will take some time for sure.  This totally impacts our “grand opening” and bums me out.  After all, I’ve got next week off and I was hoping to take a day or two to work on the printer.

By the way, from the pictures what do you think?  Would you even assemble this printer, or would you want one in a non-bashed box.  In addition, whatever went through the box punctured the plastic wrap and gouged the back of the printer.  Just not good, but maybe I’m being dramatic.  Let me know if the concern is reasonable.  I always like reader input!

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  1. It’s always worth setting up. If the damage is entirely cosmetic than I would not even bother sending it back, but that’s me. 🙂

    It’s your $$, so if you aren’t comfortable with it, then exchange is the only answer. Otherwise it will bother you forever. 🙂

  2. Post

    Thanks Tombo. My initial reaction is to assemble too, but the bashed in software area bugged me too much. I think the thing was dropped pretty hard (software box crushed to the point of opening) and I’m worried the spectrophotometer in the printer might not like such rough handling. So, it heads back.

  3. Again…was everything always this HARD? Or is it just more recently it seems intense?? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new printer will be here in time…I’m sure as well, that you will pick up the printer tech very very fast!!

    And YAY for BH for being so good with the return!! It’s nice to know you’re dealing with such a reputable company!

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