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Two posts in a row on my new (slightly used and dinged up….LOL) Z3100 printer.  Is there anything beyond the printer?  Sure there is.  Have you been listening to the news?

Ok, I jest.  I’m sorry.  Let’s not get down about the bailout this morning.  Heck, we need wool research, wooden toy arrows, and NASCAR tracks, and if those things need to be in the bailout then they should be in the bailout……

Yes, sarcasm lurks on this site!

Did you know I have a vacation next week?  Yeah, I do.  Does that have anything to do with the gallery?  No, it doesn’t and I bet that surprises you.

Last Spring my family started talking about taking a road trip.  My dad retired a few years ago and one of the things he did was purchase a small Class A RV.  He’s used it around New England over the years.  Salisbury Beach, the White Mountains, and the Great North Woods.  Those are the places he’s taken “the bus” so far.  Never too far from home.

But after their initial comments about taking a trip I told them I’d take some time off in the Fall.  I planned the week of the 5th to the 12th of October to take off.  I’ve been needing some personal time.  Once I’d put in for the time off I let them know my availability they started making their plans firmer.

So, that’s why I’m taking my time off.  The gallery was secondary.  See, Ian and I started talking about this months ago.  I was thinking of starting it next year, not this year.  Ian is a little more aggressive when it comes to planning, and he saw an October launch as the right time.  After going back and forth about it for a while we agreed.  October 18th.

Ah, the timing worked with my time off and my family’s visit.  They’ll be staying for the opening!  That’s just an extra bonus.

Now you know the story behind the vacation.  Now you know that my family is currently engaged in their road trip.  Just got off the phone with them too!

Oklahoma City, OK.  That’s where they woke up this morning.  My dad likes the park he’s at.  It’s very different than New England.  Glad they’re getting to see the country.

I’m figuring they might be in New Mexico tonight.  Hopefully they’ll stay at Santa Rosa where I stayed the first time I hit New Mexico.  I liked the park there.  Very pretty.  Very different from New England.

With luck they’ll be here this weekend!  So cool!!!

Now I bet you’re wondering about today’s two photos.  Yup, shot those the other day in Sedona.  Specifically, I took them at the Palatki site.  I had to pop another one of Caden up.  Caden is really digging into shooting.  New cable release, learning about his camera every day, and working toward a new Macintosh for his photo processing.  Way to go Caden!

The second photo is my favorite from our trip.  The post processing on it isn’t complete.  Notice the super dark area on the brick wall?  Yeah, I’d like more detail there.

I did a very mild HDR of this one.  Taking the HDR further to get the detail out of the “tower” of rock made everything halo way too much.  I’ve got to work further on the shot in Photoshop to see if we can brighten that one spot.  Everything else came across well.

I will be retunring to Palatki next week with the family.  They need to see this place too, it’s downright amazing!

Alright gang, there’s the non-printer, non-bailout wrap for the day.  Don’t you feel better?

Unfortunately, no where in the bailout package was there funding for myself, the Airstream Chronicles, or the gallery.  It seems my lobbyists in D.C. failed miserably.  Heck, NASCAR gets some benefits, I can’t believe the Airstream Chronicles was totally ignored…..

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  1. I personally can’t believe that Foolsewoode and Snap Snap were thus ignored as well… 😉

    I can’t believe the family is so close! I also can’t believe I’m taking some much needed time off here and there next week to play with everyone too…I sure need a little time to breathe and relax!

  2. Hey Rich! WIFI finally at the Tucumacari KOA! We didn’t make it to the state park in Santa Rosa but are happy here with a great view of horses and cattle grazing and Mt. Tucumacari. There was even a rainbow in the sky as we ate dinner! We were warned at the Welcome Center that Santa Rosa maybe full with those attending the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, plus your Dad was ready to stop. 10:00p.m. Mountain time and we have coyotes I presume howling away! Day 6 and we are almost there!

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