My new ad is almost done

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott, RLC Design 6 Comments

While not quite completed, it’s almost there………

My friend Dina recently helped with a new brochure on the printing services I currently offer.  I took the lead from her brochure and then did my own thing.  The brochure copy has been reproduced in a smiliar fashion, then I added in my newly updated “Taxi.”  Together I think they look cool.

Oh, and yes Tombo, I still have a little fine tuning on the front tire, even when I used the pen tool!  😉  I failed cut and paste and tracing as a child.  Ask my old art teacher, I was horrible!  🙂


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  1. 😛 I wasn’t goint to say anything. That pen tool takes a lot of getting used to.

    The only thing I might want to see different is trying it without the shadow around the left corner and under the bumper. That gets kind of distracting around that tire. Might look better, might not… 🙂

  2. Trying to run the pen tool with a mouse or a trackball is a frustrating experience, counter productive and an invitation to carple. Get yourself a Wacom tablet . . . it will change your life, plus you get pressure sensitivity for your brushes.

    The tire can be fixed with a bit of copy and paste to make it taller. Reducing the opacity and feathering the shadow will make things look better or you could flatten the image and before you apply the drop shadow.

    This is a very nice image and and the ad works up well but I think I would bump the text a bit to the left and give the car some room.

  3. Post

    Thanks Pat. I’ll push the text over to see what I think. Just realized another way I can deal with the tire!!! And yup, totally forgot to feather there and I bet that would help!!

  4. It’s lookin’ good Rich! If you want to fine tune it, I’ll be downtown on Monday night and we can tweak it a little if need be. Tony and I are meeting up at the Raven if you want to join us. 🙂

  5. Oh yes. Everyone needs a friend like Dina! She’s so good at what she does…and between her graphics and your images? Forget about it!! It is a great working combination and I just love it…

    Now, if we can all get together to redo some stuff for Snap Snap…The Raven on Monday night you say?? 😉

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