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The Ghost Town Quest Sidetracked!

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Ah, sometimes you just don’t get to go shooting when you want to! This past weekend two roadblocks were thrown up. The Flu and Snow both made appearances, totally thwarting me!

Saturday was spent lying on my couch the bulk of the day.  Actually, Friday was spent exactly the same.  Many movies were watched, several other DVDs (Scrubs Season 3 for instance), and a few books were broken out.  Gotta say, it’s hard to read a book when you’re feeling ill.  9 times out of 10 you pass out mid-read and when you wake you’ve drooled all over you book!  Eeeek!

So, what books did I drool on over the weekend?  Arizona Highways, “Photography Guide:  How & where to make great photographs.”  Also, Arizona Highways, “Ghost Towns and Mining Camps” book.  That’s the one that’s been leading me to all the great ghost towns.  Finally, I passed out several times while reading, “Canon Speedlite System Digital Field Guide.”  Normally I really dig the digital field guides, and I think I like this one, but I kept trying to read it when feeling my worst…….

All three books are worthwhile!  And my passing out while reading them in no way reflects on their contents.  The photography guide is pretty darned good, and I’ll be going back through it now that I’m lucid again.  The ghost town book has guided me to many cool places, and it will bring me to many more this year.  And as far as the speedlite book, yeah, I’ve got to go back through it again soon!  Useful!

Sunday I was doing a good bit better.  Time to get out of the Airstream for sure.  Snow was flying, the mountains looked pretty, and I wanted a day about.  Nothing big.  A visit to New Frontiers, a few moments at the gallery, a trip to Barnes and Noble, and a visit with fellow Prescott Bloggers.  Then a few movies back at home.  No passing out either!

So, there’s the weekend update.  Run down, feeling off, snow flying, and attempted book reading!  Hope yours was a more active weekend full of fun activities!

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  1. Hey Rich, Nice to finally meet you at the Prescott Bloggers meet up. Hope you continue to mend and stay warm in your snug Airstream! Your photos are lovely.

    Would love to feature a guest post by you sometime on either or Loosely Speaking.

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