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frogs-1-of-2Each week I mean to update on the latest and greatest here at the gallery, and each week I seem to get distracted by the business of the day. Today I’ll remedy things…..

Recently, Johnn Skurja has started displaying at the gallery.  Don’t know who he is?  Well, I’ll tell you.  He’s another talented bronze sculpture in the area, and I think his pieces will be of interest to readers here and visitors to the gallery alike.

I know one reader who will love his stuff.  My cousin Mary!  Hi Mary……these are for you.  Now you’re really going to need to come out and visit!

Ian has known John for quite some time, and has displayed his works at other galleries before.  John does a lot with Frogs.  This is why I know my cousin Mary will like his work…..FROGS!

In total, John has brought in 8 pieces that should catch people’s attention, especially if they like frogs (which I do as well).  Very cool small sculptures and several larger ones as well.  This morning I decided to shoot two of the pieces I like and share them with you here!

frogs-2-of-2Beyond John’s addition to the gallery, what else is going on?

  • Tomorrow I’ll be interviewed for an article in Pop Rocket.  We’ll be sorting through some of my new ghost town photos to go along with the article, and I think we’ll be talking about the ghost town quest.  Should be interesting!
  • In March we’ll be doing a show featuring some of the new ghost town prints.  The show will go along with the article’s launch in Pop Rocket.
  • Ian is well into two new originals this week.  A complement to his well known “Kitchen Opera”, and a Lake Powell piece that really pops!
  • Snow is still flying here and it’s coming down heavy.  The gallery isn’t normally open on Monday’s, but I came in to meet with a print client regarding a few new prints he needed.  I’ll be out of here shortly.
  • As a reminder to clients and readers alike, February 27th to March 6th I’ll be out of town in Borrego Springs.  That means the printer will be idle for a week.  For folks looking for prints I’d suggest getting in touch sooner rather than later so we can get what you need before I disappear.
  • I’ll be looking forward to producing a new series from Borrego in March.

Well, there’s the gallery update for this week!

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  2. Did you hear a big OHHHHHHH! I LOVE the sculptures! They are so darn cute.Thank you Rich. I must go now…I hear my Prince calling me…

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  4. Speaking of sculpture gardens…. there are now over 30 pieces of metal sculptures installed along Borrego Springs Blvd. They’ve been installed every few weeks since the Spring of last year. The sculptures are of animals that used to roam the desert centuries ago. There will be over 70 by the time it’s finished. Go to http://www.galletameadows.com Download a map before you go. I would say ‘don’t miss this’ but they’re big enough that you’re going to run into them anyway. We went yesterday and were fascinated. As we were in front of a storm, the clouds gave a great show. Have fun in Borrego.

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