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Getting inspired to create cool images isn’t always easy.  Honestly, some days I don’t feel like shooting at all.  Other days it’s all I want to do.  And lately….well, I’ve been so distracted by “business” that I just haven’t had the time.  However, I have been building up a ton of ideas and I can’t wait to get some free time to try some of the ideas out.  Where are all the ideas coming from?

Let’s list off a few sources of inspiration.  Oh, and these folks are in no particular order:

  • James Quantz:  Somewhere in 2010 I stumbled across James Quantz.  It was a good stumble.  The scenes this guy creates are beyond reality!  Some day I want to do a “mega” composite too!
  • Eric Curry:  Eric does the coolest things with lighting.  So surreal, and so real!  Of course, being an Airstreamer I love his Airstream shot!  Looking through Eric’s photos I find myself lingering on images for super long periods of time.  You’ve got to check out his videos on how his images come together.  It’s an incredible process!
  • Bert Gildart:  Bert is not only a great photographer, he’s also a great friend.  Oh, and he’s a writer too!  This guy does it all.  If you’re looking for photography from all over, and looking for outdoor inspiration, check him out!  He’s also the guy who first gave me a push to do more with my own work, so now you know!
  • Drew Gardner:  Recently I started checking out Drew Gardner’s work.  Rangefinder Magazine had some of his work in it, and I had to know more.  When you’re thinking of “Epic” shoots, think of Drew!
  • Zack Arias:  I’ve been following Zack for some time now.  His advice, his instruction, and his sense of humor come together in a very unique way.  After watching his OneLight DVD I have nothing but mad respect for this guy!
  • Scott Kelby:  What can I say.  Like so many photogs out there I’m a Kelby fan boy!  The classes, NAPP, Photoshop User, and all the rest.  Kelby constantly has something up on his web site that makes me research more and more!
  • Josh Gosell:  I’m lucky enough to call Josh one of my friends.  But beyond our friendship I have to say Josh is one of those undiscovered guys who needs to be discovered soon.  His low light photography skills dwarf so many other photographers.  Seriously, this guy knows how to work light.  So, if you’re reading this be sure to pop by Josh’s website and get inspired!
  • Joe McNally:  Online classes, lighting workshops, incredible photos, great books…..  What can you say about a photographer like Joe McNally?  Well, he makes me want to get better at what I do every time I see his work!
  • Chris Marzonie:  Another friend and local photographer, Chris takes you places you most likely will never go to.  Off road adventures?  Arctic expeditions?  Yup, Chris does that.  And he documents it all with photography that just doesn’t seem real sometimes!
  • Jason Anderson:  I’ve known Jason for a few years now.  He runs  Jason has a great mix of helpful tips, DIY projects, podcasts, and more.  The guy’s got a lot going on!
  • Paul Burwell:  How long has it been since I started following Paul Burwell?  I can’t remember.  Quite a while.  He’s one of those outdoor photographers who you have to follow.  Some day I’ll attend one of his workshops!  In the meantime, I check his website often to see what’s new in a great outdoor photographer’s world.
  • Brian Matiash:  As most readers know by now, I dig HDR.  Brian is a new addition to my regular reading, and I’m glad to have found him.  HDR skills?  Yup, he’s got them and then some!
  • Syl Arena:  Syl Arena is the Canon Speedlite guy.  I’ve been following along with his work for a while, and I finally got my hands on his new handbook for speedliters.  Showed up in my mailbox yesterday.  And the book isn’t some small piece of work.  Skimming last night I can tell you he is in fact “The Canon Speelite Guy.”  Can’t wait to tear through the book this weekend (super thick book like an epic novel).
  • Strobist:  Since I started playing with portable flash a lot of the past year I’ve been quietly following along over at Strobist.  Yeah, great site.  Too many ideas every time I read there.
  • Jeremy Cowart:  Last year I took Jeremy’s online class at  His work and style hooked me immediately.
  • Ben Wilmore:  When I first started learning all about HDR Ben’s website was one of my first discoveries.  Great photography!  The kind of images you stare at for long periods of time taking in every detail.  Yeah, great stuff!
  • Trey Ratcliff:  Ah, the creator of  The guy who’s work blew my mind.  See, his stuff was the first HDR images I ever saw.  And when I first started going through Trey’s work I thought for sure that a blood vessel in my brain would burst.  His images are so cool I felt like I was having a total brain overload!  And still to this day his work continues to inspire me to do more!

There’s more of course.  Every time I follow a link from this site to that site I stumble across someone else that gives me inspiration and ideas.  That’s one of the benefits of this digital age.  Access to the works of so many talented people.

Finally, as you might note several of these inspirational photographers are also friends of mine.  How have I become friends with such talented and amazing people?  Just lucky I guess……

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    Thanks so much for including me in this prestigious list of photo inspiring artists. It means a lot to me.

    I’m glad to have found your site, as well, and look forward to seeing your work showcasing the Southwest in all of its beauty.



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