Camping in the Coronado Forest

Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 16: Waking up in White Pocket

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Back to back Podcasts?  Oh yeah!

This episode continues where the last left off.  Waking up to freezing temperatures too early in the morning.  A shocking start to the podcast, Rich with no glasses!

Hope you enjoy the last installment from White Pocket for a while!  It’s getting too cold for trips up that way……I’m going to have to start looking south again?  Maybe wrapping up the Arizona Ghost town series soon?  Probably the next order of business here.

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  1. Totally digging your podcasts and videos from White Pocket…it’s like living vicariously! So totally wish I had the time to make a trip down and meet up with you and Tom.

    Also can’t wait to see those moonlit shots with the starfields – am sure they will be awesome!

  2. Post

    Ah Jason, we’ll pick another trip. So much to see, so much to photograph, so little time. Fortunately you and I live in states that offer too many choices! Start planning for the Spring!

    And thanks, glad you’re enjoying the shows. I was freezing my bacon off that morning, and I got a chuckle at my own expense from the video. My eyes were PUFFY! LOL!

    Glad you could come along in video. Part of the fun of all this wonderful tech, eh?

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