Airstream Interior

The Airstream Interior Is Changing!

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Yesterday we did the easy part of our Airstream Interior Update.  The benches and table were removed very quickly, faster than I thought.  And suddenly the inside of the Airstream became very spacious!  Thoughts moved from a new workspace to something more fun.  You know, like a hot tub?

Airstream Interior

Airstream Interior

All kidding aside, it’s amazing how much bigger the Airstream feels with the removal of the dinette.  And in a few days we’ll find that the interior doesn’t feel as spacious once more.  Well, that’s when we get the new work space put in.

Several hours were spent with Don Rantz after we removed the dinette.  Don came over and started putting together drawings of what we’re doing next.  Go figure, not only is he an incredible pastel artist, he’s also an awesome wood worker.

I appreciate Don’s assistance with this one.  It’s not something I can do on my own.  And with the Phippen Art Show coming up, Don does have other things on his mind.  So a big thanks to Don!

Don will be getting all of the components together today at his shop.  So we have one day of lots of open space in the Airstream.  How much open space do we have?  Well, Jodi requested that I get a video of her enjoying the space yesterday.

That’s a lot of space!

I’ll post updates as we install the new furnishings over the weekend.  So far this has been a fun project.  And I’m looking forward to the final results!  I’ve worked at that dinette for far too long, so I’m very excited to have a real workspace!



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