It's high time the dinette left the Airstream

The blog got a makeover, now the Airstream gets one too

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Yesterday I spent the bulk of my time working on the new layout for The Airstream Chronicles.  Today we start a different kind of makeover.

The dinette has to go!

It's high time the dinette left the Airstream

It’s high time the dinette left the Airstream

Over 7 years of using the dinette in the Airstream as my computer desk!  It’s time to make something more useful for my purposes.  We never eat at the dinette.  It has too much computer equipment on it.  My Macbook Pro, a 21 inch monitor, a 4 bay Drobo, card readers, etc.  Taking everything down and putting it away is a pain, so something has to be done.

The solution I’ve decided on is simple.  We’re taking the dinette completely out, and we’re going to put a wrap around table in its place.  This overhaul is going to take a few days, and I’ll keep shooting images of it as we go.  My good friend Don Rantz will be helping with the whole process.  Before he was a famous Pastel artist he built cabinetry.  And he’s offered to help with the re-design.

I’m great at network design.  And web design too.  But when it comes to creating furniture, I’m not great at it.  So you find an expert to help you out when you don’t know what you’re doing.  I’m excited to see what Don & I will do with this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.31.58 AM copyAn Airstream Repair Too!

Beyond the dinette removal, we have one more Airstream project this week.  Several days ago the inside door handle fell off while we were camped in Gila Bend.  Jodi had to climb out the emergency window to let us out of the Airstream.  This all occurred at 1:30 a.m.  It made for a weird day!

We also had a tire go flat the same morning, and we returned to a strange neighbor here in Prescott.  Overall it was a truly wacky day!

The part we needed to repair the door handle has been found.  And we ordered it from on Tuesday.  I did 2 day shipping, so hopefully we’ll see the part soon.  I’ll make sure to photograph and document the fix and share it with you as well.

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Finally, I forgot to post here that the latest article, all about Chiricahua, is now up over at Living In Tin.  It’s a good one, especially for folks with larger rigs looking to visit the area.  So be sure to pop over and check it out!

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