The White Pocket Photo Workshop

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For me, the best time of day for the lighting and shadow here was late afternoon.

Well, over the weekend I finished up almost everything over at the newly rennovated……. Almost everything. 🙂

See, I still have more information to fill in regarding upcoming workshops that I’ll be doing.  There are going to be some fun ones.  But I think the most exciting one is already posted.

42 hours at White Pocket.  That’s right, 42 whole hours to shoot at White Pocket.  Do you really need that much time?  I mean, that’s a long time to hang out and shoot one area, right?

Wrong.  Not too long at all.  In multiple trips to the area I learned one simple thing last year.  The whole of White Pocket changes throughout the day based on time of year, time of day, clouds, no clouds, etc.  Some of my favorite shots from White Pocket came through a lot of patience, figuring out lighting, and working out what I wanted to accentuate.

For me, 42 hours might just cover it.  And for workshop participants, the time will be greatly appreciated once you’re on location.

Tom Hoopes, studying where he'd like to shoot next.

The workshop is just that.  A workshop.  It’s not an outdoor tour.  We’ll be focusing on photographic techniques, working with available lighting, and learning how to work around the shadows that are cast all day long.  Given my experience in the region and the experience of the second instructor who will be coming along, I think we can help a few intrepid photographers come away with the shots they’ve always wanted from the formations.

I think the big bonus here for folks interested in shooting the formations is the factor of time.  While visiting the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument area I’ve run into many tour groups visiting as well.  And I’ve felt kind of bad for the photographers in the group.  Why?


On my last trip into White Pocket I had a huge advantage.  We had time to shoot, time to chat, time to watch the light, and time to figure out what would work, and when.  In an area like White Pocket time of day can make you or break you if you have a specific scene in mind.  And if on a tour you may only have an hour or two to capture what you want.  That’s a major constraint if you ask me.

Personally, I’m lucky enough to have the means and experience to get into remote locations.  My comfort level with the “back country” stems from years of being an avid hiker and camper.  Plus, with the tech I carry along I’m always able to remain connected with the outside world.  For many folks, getting “way out there” isn’t an option.  I understand.

So, this year I’m planning on running 2 photography workshops in White Pocket.  I might expand that, but we’ll see what initial reactions tell us.

Want to know more about the workshop?  Click here to go to my 42 Hours in White Pocket Workshop page.  And if you have questions on the two workshops currently scheduled please feel free to get in touch!

Finally, if you want more information on White Pocket, getting there, and my experiences in the area be sure to stop by my other site, Photographing Arizona, and you can get the low down there.  If you think you can hack it, getting yourself there is a great experience, and photographing there is fantastic.

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