There’s something to be said about great relationships with great vendors

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Running my latest 32x48" of Bright Angel Trail. A limited series of only 25 32x48's, every time I hang this one it sells.

I just hung up the phone with Stephen over at Breathing Color. I had a few questions about Allure Rag and Optica One, and I figured a quick call would settle the direction I need to go in.

The call settled everything for me, and now I know what I need to do. We’re going to be offering a new mounting technique here soon at the gallery, and I just needed to be sure that the images are as well protected as possible.

When you get a great vendor, you’re happy to share their information with anyone you meet in your business.  I can’t count the number of photographers and painters that I have pointed to them.  Just the other week at Rob Jamason’s opening in Sedona I spoke with several folks who are unhappy with their current canvases, and in some cases, unhappy with their current printers.  Whether or not folks choose to print with me, I’ll always be happy to make recommendations based on my experience.

The HP doing its thing!

Interestingly enough, vendor / client relationships go both ways.  Beyond the fact that I really appreciate Breathing Colors’ product line, they apparently appreciate my insights as well.  In the past month I’ve been contacted several times regarding HP equipment and the Breathing Color Product Line.  New customers with questions on profiling their papers with HP systems.  Hey, I could write a book on the subject of color matching, calibration, and getting the print you want with the Z3100.  Guess the folks over at Breathing Color realize this, and that’s why they’ve gotten in touch.

Beyond Breathing Color, I have many other great vendors who really do go above and beyond.  B&H Photo Video always comes through.  I had one issue with them the other year, and they corrected it as quickly as possible.  That says a lot about a company.  Local companies mean a great deal to me as well.  Northern Office Products out of Prescott Valley blows me away on order turn around.  These guys know that products and service go together.

For small business, your vendors can make or break you.  So, make sure that you help foster good working relationships with your suppliers.  If you find that your suppliers aren’t cutting it, look around.  It’s a rough economy, and folks should be doing everything in their power to make certain you’re a happy customer!

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    Oh Mike. Inquisitive, aren’t ya? 🙂

    We’re starting to do “Photo Floats” which are pretty cool. Floats have no glass over them, which means the media you print on had better be rugged as it can get decimated by folks…….

    Fortunately, I have a way to assure the image’s protection thanks to my friends at Breathing Color. This morning I created a 20×30 of my “S Curve” from White Pocket. I applied Glamour II Veneer to it on the Optica One paper. And Voila! A very well protected print for a float. Looks great, and we’ll be mounting it this weekend and hanging it here.

    I’ve got a new client who wants to do 14 huge floats and 6 huge canvases. They’ve got an upcoming show, and it will be great to provide the floats for him, and to future clients.

  2. Hmm. I googled “photo floats” but couldn’t find anything that look like what you describe. Is this a new term of art (pun intended)?

    Is this printing on heavier grade paper so that the resulting print can be mounted on a mat and hung without framing?

    Perhaps, I’m a little dense, but I’m not quite picturing what “photo floats” are or how it differs from other mounting techniques. Please elucidate.

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