Two contests to enter – CanonBlogger and Photoshop User

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Thinking the color into the scene.....yeah, it needs more work.

Alright, contests have been on my mind.  I mentioned them recently, but I thought I’d re-share the links and information on the contests.

First, Jason over at CanonBlogger is running a Think in Color contest.  Of course, I’ve had a few ideas and I’m still toying with them.  The contest giveaways include a Think Tank system and the full Topaz suite.  So, get the naming of his contest?  Think for the Think Tank system, and color for Topaz.  Pretty slick eh?  Good work Jason.

I’ve got several ideas for Jason’s contest and I tried on out yesterday.  The photo in today’s post is of me out near the Promised Land in Chino.  My idea?  Thinking in color.  By that I mean trying to portray that color is being thought into the scene.  I’ve got to toy with the idea some more, and work on some more shots I believe.

The other contest that I’m pondering is Photoshop User’s “So you think you can teach Photoshop.”  Man, that’s one I’m really interested in.  You can submit up to 3 video tutorials, and they ask that the tutorials run 5-6 minutes each.  So, 3 topics.  I’m still working on that big time!

I’ve provided the links to both contests.  Hope some readers from here enter each.  I love seeing what everyone comes up with!  So, get out there and put some cool stuff together for each one!

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