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After procrastinating for a few days I finally did it.  Walked my butt up to the post office with a big yellow envelope addressed to AZ Highways Magazine and paid the lady behind the counter.

I have now passed the threshold where there’s no turning back.  You can’t “un-mail” something.  Maybe I’ll just never hear from them.  Who knows……Maybe they’ll write a scathing letter back telling me to find something else to do.  Maybe they’ll like the photos.  Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

So, what did I send?  A DVD with several favorites from my Ghost Town series.  Images from Bisbee, Pearce, Gleeson, Vulture, and Yarnell.  It’s the first round of trying, and we’ll see if anything sticks!

Want to see what got sent?


Ok, before you start asking questions like, “Why’s the diner in there?  What’s the deal with the taxi?” I’ll say this.  The Arizona Highways Ghost Towns and Mining Camps book lists places like Lowell, Bisbee, & Jerome.  They’re still active spots and the sidewalks haven’t rolled up forever.  The diner and the other similar photos are part of what the towns are now.

There’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s hoping they find an image or two worthy of AZ Highways.  It would be really cool to get some of my images in with them and share my view of the new home I found two years ago!

I’ll just keep reminding myself that AAA’s magazine will be running something from my Bisbee trip soon……  That makes me smile!  Pushes that old self doubt a little ways away!

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  1. Nice to see that you threw in a few “wildcard” photos. Adds more dimension – no need to explain.

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  3. Self doubt? You should be EXCITED!! Dang it, man . . . you’re good. Period. Send me your email address. Got something to send you.

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    Ah, there’s always self doubt. After each trip I take I look through shots and say, “I should have done it this way instead of that way.” I think that’s pretty normal.

    Just dropped you an e-mail and confused you with the other Kathy on this thread. Whoops, sorry about that. Allergies are making me loopy today!!!

  5. Here’s wishing you the best of good fortune at Az Highways! I’ll bet that even if they don’t take any of this batch, they’ll ask you to keep submitting.

  6. BTW, I typically have your blog on my Safari RSS feeds list, which shows all the pictures in the same feed so that the full range of images can be seen at a glance along with the commentary. Check it out.

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    LOL Mike! No canceling the subscription. I enjoy seeing their photos each month online myself. Just crossing my fingers that I might appear in their lineup at some point.

    Oh, I’m checking the Safari out now. You know I’m a Firefox guy, but we’ll see how Safari’s feed looks!

  8. Wow, your photos are gorgeous, as is the subject matter. I lived in Arizona approx. 52-60, and again 1966-1981. I am familiar with many of the places mentioned. A couple of suggestions for cool photo trips:
    Yarnell: Shrine of St. Joseph, views from the top of the hill, looking down.
    Prescott to Yarnell on the Crown King Hiway (if it is still there).
    Vekol Mine ruins south of Stanfield.
    Massick’s Castle (if you can get near it), Lynx Lake and the old dam nearby. Old camp and other ruins also nearby.

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