Where to go and what to do?

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Yesterday I realized that I’ll have 4 days (count them) off in a row.  Ian will be in the gallery Friday and Saturday, Sunday we’ll be closed for Easter, and Monday we’re always closed.  Well, unless a print client calls for something……

So I started asking myself where I’d like to go and what I’d like to do.  More ghost towns?  Another trip like last week’s visit to Red Mountain?  What, what, what to do?

Allergy season is still in full swing here and I’m certainly not feeling my best.  Actually I’m fairly run down.  I suppose I could just take it easy, right?  😉

Instead of the “take it easy” thoughts my mind has turned to places like Page, AZ., the Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Butte, and more.  But I just don’t seem to have enough information to go on.  I think I need to plan this stuff out and make a mini-trip list for the rest of this year……And get permits in advance.

Permints?  Huh?

See, in the Page area several of the super popular spots like “The Wave” have limited admittance each day.  And by limited I mean 20 people.  10 people can reserve online months in advance.  10 more can show up and hope they get a permit.  Driving 3.5 hours up for a maybe seems a bit out there if it’s only a day trip.  If I was going up for many days then I could see throwing the dice.

So, what’s the list of places I want to visit this year.  Keep in mind, this isn’t all about photography alone.  I just want to see these things for myself after seeing them through other people’s images…..

  • Coyote Buttes:  Located in the Vermilion Cliffs area there are two places to take your walks.  The south side and the north side.  Going in from the north leads you to the famous “Wave” site.  I’m sure you’ve seen the photos.  Looking at the online permits you’ll see quickly that the North side is booked out many months in advance.  Ugh.  The southern approach actually has some openings a few months away, but it’ll be a hot hike for sure.  Thinking I’ll work on this location for the fall.
  • Paria Canyon:  This canyon is a little easier to deal with.  You can get day use permits any time when you park.  Nice.  If you want to camp in the canyon and do a longer trek (which is possible) you’ll need to apply in advance.  I just wonder how much I could cover in a day…..But that might just be a near future trip.
  • The Grand Canyon:  Of course I’ll be visiting the Grand Canyon again soon.  No permit restrictions and no limit on folks going in.  But my next visit needs to be more than just a day trip.  So there’s one to plan.
  • More Ghost Towns:  I still have many ghost towns to do.  Gotta get down to the border to visit Ruby.  I need to return to Oatman and visit Chloride as well.  And there’s still a good deal of sites on the day trip order.
  • Aravaipa Canyon:  Another site listed with the BLM and shown in one of the AZ Highways books I’ve been looking through.  Looks like some amazingly scenic trekking, and definitely not just a one day trip!
  • Lake Powell:  Oh, the pictures I’ve seen from Lake Powell.  And the paintings Ian has made of the place!  Yeah, that’s going to be a multi-day trip too!  But that one is looking like a reality this summer.  Ian regularly visits the lake and I think I’ll be going along this year.
  • West Clear Creek:  Yet another trip I want to take inspired by Ian’s paintings of the area.  Several days of hiking, swimming through sections, drying off, and then swimming again.  4 day trip easy.  And now isn’t the time to go, the water would be far too cold!
  • Tonto National Monument:  This one came to my attention through Arizona Highways Photography Guide.  I need to see the Tonto Falls and so much more.  Definitely another multi-day trip!
  • Do I really need to go on?

Yes, I have other places in mind.  I think I need to sit down with a calendar and see what I can come up with.  Looking at the list I can say the following.  4 days for the Vermillion Cliffs area at minimum.  Maybe up to 7 to see if I too can go see the Wave.  4 days at the Grand Canyon.  4 days for West Clear Creek.  3 days for Aravaipa.  4 days for Lake Powell………..etc, etc, etc.

Seriously, I need a calendar and an apprentice printer to cover all the time I’d like to be absent!  🙂

Best part of all of this?  You just saw the short list.  I’ve got many more items on my mind!

Who wants to work as my scheduler?

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  1. sorry to make your list shorter for you, Rich…. but Tonto was one of the three parks to be closed by the State this year. :O( Luckily, we had visitors from Maine a month ago, and we took them there just before it closed. How about Water Holes canyon by Page ?

  2. Wow – how to pick just one. They all seem like an awesome choice. Bummer about Tonto, but it does narrow down the list. You are so freakin’ lucky to have those in your ‘backyard” – but hey, I do have Disney… I’ll trade with you.. no really…

  3. Post

    Tom, you’re very welcome to keep Disney. I think you know that I was over Disney the moment I moved to Orlando……. Sea World is fun though. Still, I think Page AZ will be much cooler!

  4. Ohhh…I’ve been wanting to do Paria ever since my yoga instructor told me about it!

    And you got 4 days off?! Lucky you…

    I hope one of your weekend excursions includes an Easter party?

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