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2016 – We hardly knew you!

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Here I am, January 3rd of 2017, and looking back on last year I have to say it went by quickly, and much of it is a blur to me.  A lot went on for sure, I just don’t think it’s going to be one of those well remembered years.  Normally I’d have some kind of photographic year in review here or on Living In Tin, but not this year.

Most of my serious photography in 2016 was for my clients.  Commercial photo shoots, stuff that doesn’t make anyone say Ooooh or Ahhhh.  Just images that sell a product or service.  If you’re dying for images from 2016 pop over to my Instagram account.  That was busy this year with quick snapshots and videos, nothing serious, just fun or informative.

The lost summer

While 2016 started out great, it turned weird in May.  I was in a lot of pain all the time while we were working in Colorado.  Coming back for a routine procedure my GI told me my gallbladder was toast.  I had no idea.  So we spent June, July, and August playing the doctor waiting and referral game.  As regular readers know, the gallbladder came out at the end of August.  And recovery wasn’t as short and sweet as they tell you.

During that whole time I didn’t pursue new clients.  That made the budget a little tough for a few months.  Fortunately we’ve been busy for the fall and winter, and gaining ground once more.  Can’t believe how expensive a routine surgery is, and how little my insurance covered.  Medical bills will be paid off here in 2017.

Starting 2017 on an odd note

I really had hoped the games with the physicians were over.  But here I am in Prescott right now for an appointment today.  The latest results for my allergies came in.  Not going in the right direction, so my GP wants to see me and setup for a consult with someone.  Bottom line, most of my food allergies are now in the severe Anaphylaxis zone.  Given how many foods I’m allergic to at this point, the potential for slipping up is great, and the end results are time in an ER after an Epi Pen injection, or hoping that someone does a really good eulogy for me.  The food allergies are getting old as far as I’m concerned and I really do miss dining out occasionally (which is no longer an option).

Hopefully we get this visit done quickly, get the referral out of the way, and we get the Airstream down to warmer temperatures.  There’s ice on the truck, Airstream, and ground this morning.

Good luck with 2017 all!  I really hope it’s more fun than 2016 was for me!

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  1. Rich, sorry to hear of your allergy situation. Will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love all your photos, and looking forward to more in 2017!

    Prescott-area RVers
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  2. Yeah, it wasn’t such a great year for us, either… but we are determined to stay positive and focus on what brings joy into our lives… so were sending positive energy your way for a joyful new year!

    Bill and Larry and our corgis Mac and Tasha

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