Our Boondocking Mobile Power System

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Airstream Solar System for The Airstream Chronicles

Gotta say, I’m happy to say goodbye to the old Interstate Batteries in the Airstream and get the Lifeline AGMs in their place

It seems I only find the time to write here about once a month.  Fortunately I keep the Instagram updates coming, so you can always look there to see what we’ve been up to.

Currently the Airstream is parked at Imperial Dam, a Long Term Visitor Area run by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).  We’re parked out in the desert dry camping for a little while, and we’re still working even though we’re not plugged in anywhere.  Our mobile power setup (the solar system we put in this year and our new generator) is allowing us to really get a lot more out of our boondocking experiences.  Incredibly enough, while sitting out here in the desert we’ve got full network coverage.  Nice job Verizon!

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been pulling clips together of our time at Vulture Peak and Imperial Dam.  Both are dry camping locations, and both are extremely peaceful spots.  Just this morning I was sitting outside looking east marveling at how quiet it is out here.  An occasional 4 wheeler off in the distance, an occasional military helicopter, and the random “Boom / Thuds” coming from the Yuma Proving Grounds.  I’m not be facetious here….mostly it’s an incredibly quiet location with only short interruptions occasionally.  Compared to staying at in town parks, visiting many of the LTVAs is an experience in quiet.

The Airstream is fully powered

I have to say, the new solar plant in the Airstream is awesome.  During the day we have power to spare, even with the sun lower in the winter sky.  Working from a remote location like this is pretty amazing.  Back in the 90’s I remember connecting into the Sprint & AT&T switches and doing work from my downstairs living room by the wood stove.  From my living room I could manage the mobile telecommunications switches of each company, not really needing to come into the office.  Being able to work remote has been around for a while.  But to pull out into the desert in the middle of nowhere and work?  That’s just amazing!

A few hours ago I finally finished my video update on our mobile power solutions.  The 600 Watt solar panel setup on the top of the Airstream, the 300 Amp hour battery plant, and finally our new Champion 3,000 Watt Inverter Generator.  Put it all together and you have a setup that can allow you to work from anywhere you’ve got cell coverage.

If you’re interested to learn more about what we have for our Airstream, watch the video below.  If you’re looking for DIY information, this video isn’t for you.  We had a pro install our solar power system for a reason.  I suck with power tools, and would have surely destroyed something on the Airstream had I installed it.  I’d rather have someone experienced with RV Solar put the system together for me like Marvin of Precision RV.  I focus on what I’m good at, and employ professionals to get the job done on things they’re good at.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Nice set up and if in the future more money come available you can add more batteries.
    I love a portable induction stove which can be graduated between 500 to 2000 watts.
    Prices of inverters are coming down and perhaps you can find a little corner in your vehicle to store one.
    I am aiming to not have LPG and just have diesel stove-heater and hot water system.
    Love to have the Wallas system
    Keep safe

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