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Several weeks ago while cleaning out my Lightroom Libraries I came across an image from in front of the Elks.  I liked it well enough to hang on to it and post it here.  It was also nice enough to run a test print of and put it in my bin of loose prints.  Glad I did that.  It’s become a new favorite for clients in the gallery.


In addition to a “found” image from last year, I also just put a new print on Sunset Metallic just to see what it looked like.  Probably 3 weeks ago the owner of the Frontier Gazette stopped in and asked me to help him with a problem.  Jersey Lillie’s was running an ad in the publication, and he wasn’t a fan of the image to be used.  The composition was good, but there was no contrast.  It was a pretty flat image, especially in print.  He asked if I could run up to the bar and put my own spin on a new image for their ad.

So I did.

And the image came out wonderfully.  First, HDR’d the interior.  Second, some fine tuning in Lightroom.  Finally a conversion to an antiqued setting that matched with the publication.  Oh, and a little touch up on the tone curve as well.


Friday I printed this piece on Sunset Metallic before the Artwalk.  16×24″.  Shortly after it hit the loose bin it sold.  Best part?  The reactions to this image in print have been extremely positive.  I’ve had several folks ask if I was going to shoot each of the bars on the Row and make a series.  Something to ponder for sure……..

So, there you have it.  The latest prints available from RL Charpentier Photography!

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