I feel like I’m the only person not attending Photoshop World…..

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For those who missed my little video today on Facebook, you get a chance to see it here.  No fancy edits.  No deep story line.  Just me missing out on “The Ball.”  Hopefully we’ll see me show up at PSW this Fall in Vegas……

And just so you know…..I was not sitting around editing video all day.  This was a tongue and cheek thing, assembled in between resizing images for canvas, meeting with 5 clients today, 1 portrait session, 9 medium to large canvases, printing a bunch on Optica and Vibrance, and totally skipping breakfast and lunch.  Tomorrow holds 4 more LARGE canvases for a new show over at the Raven Cafe, more web work, another quickie portrait session, and meeting with a client about 60 (yes, sixty) prints on Breathing Color’s Velvet (yes Stephen, you’ll be getting an order in the a.m.).

So yeah, busy SEP (Self Employed Photographer/Printer).  Whenever I think of S.E.P. I think Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galxay (Somebody Else’s Problem).  Actually, that acronym works well for me too.  Okay, clearly tired and rambling.  If anybody needs me this week stop by my studio / print shop.  Chained to the gear there, although I occasionally let myself out to sit on concrete and look at my shoes……….

Enjoy PSW everybody.  And for any losers who didn’t get to go (like me) enjoy the video!


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  1. Great to hear you are busy with work. I like you discoveries, as you dig through older files. Got a question. What is with all the Viagra stuff on the Airstream Chronicles?
    On another note. I am working on getting settled in with the new camera…it’s a Nikon D7000. Man what a transition this has been from the Olympus 510 and 300!
    Hang in there with the work. Thanks for reminding me about PSW in Vegas…need to start saving up for that now, if I am going.

  2. Post

    It’s fun to find old gems in the Lightroom Library Jay!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Viagra stuff. I haven’t seen it, but I sent you a private e-mail. You’re the second person in 3 months reporting an issue and I want to figure it out.

    New camera eh? Fun!

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