A quick shoot at the Firehouse

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This morning I was up bright and early. Well, every morning I’m up bright and early. Sleeping until 7 is considered “sleeping in” for me……

Anyhow, I was up early getting ready to pop down and do a quick photo shoot for some members of the Prescott Fire Department.  Guess they’d been wanting to pull some of the engines in front of the old Firehouse…..  So, I came down in order to give them a hand with a few photos……..

And here are a few of the images I’ve sorted so far.  🙂

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    It was pretty cool to see Paul. As they got ready to head out I realized I should have asked them for 10 more minutes to get each crew with their rigs. That would have been cool. But maybe I can get another opportunity with them in the future. They had to get going, in case any calls came in.

  2. I really like the second picture of the “men”, the flag was a nice touch.

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