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Yesterday Prescott’s most well known blogger stopped by the Ian Russell Gallery.  Granny J popped in for a quick visit and a look around the shop.

Granny J is the author of “Walking Prescott,” and she’s become a friend.  I first met her at a “Blogfest” May 5th of 2007.  Had I not met her I don’t know what my time here would be like.  I’ve met many people thanks to the blogfests, including Sadira.  Could you imagine the past year without knowing Sadira?  Would Ian and I have met?  How would the blog photos look?  So many variables, and they all tie back to Granny J’s first blogfest.

Thanks Granny J!

Granny J’s dotter (the spelling she uses on her blog) was along for the tour.  She was back from Alaska for a visit to Prescott.  Something about wanting a little more sunlight.  Of course we’ve had stormy weather, but she did get access to longer days.

I made sure they got the full gallery tour.  Granny J’s dotter picked up one of my 13 x 19 prints of the “Twilight Wagon.”  Glad she liked that one.  Seems to be another popular print.

Of course, Granny J’s camera was along with her.  She snapped off many photos in the gallery, a few shots of me, and a few shots in the print room.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing those images popping up on her blog in the near future.  She also got a photo of me with my latest reproduction of “Everybody’s Hometown.”  A 32 x 48″ gallery wrap of the popular image.  It’s a little big and I stood behind it.  Love to see the photo of that one as it really gives perspective on the size of these latest wraps.

Thanks for stopping by Granny J.  Come by any time!  I always enjoy visitng with you!

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  1. Wow! Such nice words. From a very nice pair of guys. the visit was fun — but I want to see your Big Machine in action!! FYI, the dotter can be found at OmegaMom. Poor kid — look at the weather that arrived just for her.

  2. I can’t imagine the last year without you OR Granny J in my life! We have A LOT to thank her for…and it’s always such a pleasure to see her!!

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