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My first Adobe “gotcha”

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Keep in mind, I’m a big fan of Adobe products.  So don’t take this post wrong, just take it as an advisory to those of you who haven’t upgraded to the latest suite of products, CS4.

This morning my Lightroom2 installation at the gallery asked me about an update that I’ve been ignoring for a while now.  I finally gave it the go ahead and updated the program.  It was quick, easy, and painless……

Restarting Lightroom2 I got an uhappy message.  My current working catalog was now corrupt.  Hey, I’d backed it up right before the upgrade, and I’d used it to import a slew of photos.  It was happy before the upgrade!!!  Ah well, I retrieved the backup and I was off and running.

picture-1Unfortunately I ran into a much larger issue, and that’s what has left me aggrevated this afternoon.  In my workflow I bounce between Lightroom2 & Photoshop CS3 constantly.  For tweaks on client files, like this morning, I hit “Edit in CS3” and jump right into retouching.  In the case of my client’s files this morning the task was simple.  Edit the bald chauffer’s head out of her fun shot from a recent event.  Who wants a bald chauffer’s head popping up behind you and two of your friends.

I’m serious.  The picture was taken in a limo, three ladies seated together drinking champagne….. and some chauffer’s head popping up right behind one of the passengers.  Get rid of it!


I did my usual Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and I was greeted by a disconcerting message.  You’re seeing the message right here on the blog.

Fortunately my editing wasn’t affected.  But it took a few to understand what was up.  Bottom line…..  The latest version of the Camera Raw plug-in is 5.2.  The latest for CS3 is 4.6.

Does this mean I have to upgrade?  No.  Not in my case.  I’m all set on support for my cameras.  But still, frustrating.

Normally I don’t get strange messages and corrupted catalogs after Adobe upgrades.  This is the first time.  My first “gotcha.”

And don’t take me wrong.  That means no flaming comments, etc.  I delete them you know. I’m just giving Lightroom and Photoshop users a heads up.  Some issues with the latest Lightroom2 update in my case, and I thought you should know.

And yes, I should upgrade to CS4.  The features sound great.  But I’m trying to tighten the belt on the budget here you know.  New business and all…….  😉

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  1. Hey Rich! You should check out a site I’ve been using for purchasing programs. Sometimes I use some of the education sites (since I keep my student id), but I came across http://www.cheapestsoftwareanywhere.com about a year ago. Perfectly legit (I was skeptical at first) and I haven’t had a single problem with them, or the software. They buy the extra copies of software from corporations and then resell them at like 70% off the retail prices. You don’t get the fancy packaging, but hey – who needs it? Adobe Master Collection CS4 – $300.

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  3. Hi Rich – yes, they’re completely legit. I ordered a cheap piece of software at first, because I was so skeptical. Tried it out, no problems with ordering, had no problems installing or other issues. I know – I sound like an infomercial. 🙂

    I’ve ordered several other pieces of software from them, and even called Microsoft directly to confirm the key was legit and unused. They were able to confirm that it was a part of a larger batch that had been sold to some company in New York that had bought like a 250-license pack.

    The only real downside is that they only have some of each, and not always the exact version/edition of the software you want.

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