A visit to Sharlot Hall – Prescott’s Photowalk Starting point

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Some of the flower beds at Sharlot Hall

Last year’s Worldwide Photo Walk took place in August.  We started out at Sharlot Hall Museum here in Prescott, AZ.  And we’ll be doing the same this year as well!

There’s a difference this year though.  Having the walk in July means that the gardens of Sharlot Hall are looking extra spiffy.  Flowers everywhere!  I’m including several photos for your viewing pleasure here today!

So, let’s see.  An interesting city, cool old buildings, Sharlot Hall Museum, flowers, Whiskey Row, McCormick Street’s unique buildings…….on and on.  Plenty of fun photo opportunities for walk participants.  Let’s just hope there’s no rain in the morning.  Notice, I didn’t say no rain…..we could use the monsoons right about now!  🙂

Enjoy today’s pictures!

Purple flowers not yet open

A butterfly in the garden

A butterfly in the garden

Red and pink flowers

Red and pink flowers in the garden

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