Early wake ups the next few days……

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Getting up early does have some merrits....

Up super early this morning.  Catching a ride up to the Nissan dealership.  My little Versa (a.k.a. the scooter) was having problems starting.  Apparently the fuel sender doohickie was going out.  It’s a known problem according to the mechanic I spoke with.

Yes, I used the word doohickie.  Sorry all.  I can’t help myself, I’m not mechanically inclined when it comes to cars.  Ask me something about power plants, switches, wiring….I can do that stuff.  I’m not the guy to talk cars with…..ever.

So, early wakeup today to catch the shuttle to Nissan.

What else is happening that’s getting me up early?

  • Tomorrow I’ll be doing an interview at 8:00 a.m. with Jason from CannonBlogger.  Pretty cool.  We’ve been chatting back and forth for the past few weeks, and we’ll chat tomorrow.  What are we chatting about?  I don’t know, winging it.  Just like this blog!  🙂
  • Saturday morning I’ll be up super early for the Photowalk!  We’re meeting at 7:00 a.m. downtown.  I’ll be up at 5.  Oh, and then I’ll be working the gallery until 8:00 p.m.  It’s going to be a long day!  Somebody want to stop by mid-day with a Sierra Mist for me???  🙂
  • Sunday I’ll be sleeping in.

Beyond the early wakeups the next 3 days will be extremely busy.  Web clients this afternoon, 3 print clients tomorrow, another web client tomorrow, and continued re-work on the design of my sites……

Yes, a change is coming.  I’d like my static websites to match up better with the blog.  I’ve been looking at all the cool sites out there, and I’ve dug in big time.  I’m actually learning how to theme for WordPress thanks to a book on the subject and an interesting DVD on the subject.  Yes, I know how to develop websites, heck, I can even create flash.  But creating custom WordPress themes from scratch was a black box to me until recently…….no longer.  Give me another month or two.  My sites are low priority, clients are always first.  But I promise, the changes are going to be cool.

What else is keeping me busy?  Planning 2 new podcasts for the coming weeks.  An episode on the Photowalk, and an episode on why I started using HDR in the first place.  That one will give you a tour of the Dells, and it will show you why photographing here can be a difficult proposition.  Fun one for sure.

Ok, I’m off to catch the shuttle to Nissan…….  🙂

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  1. If I filled you in on the interview Q&A then it would seem pre-planned and then it’s not as fun and engaging…(trust me!) 🙂

    Looking forward to it!

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