Now Trey Ratcliff has a book? Gotta make room in the Airstream!

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Here I am, innocently sitting at home working on CSS…..minding my own business.  You know how it goes.  Enthralled with web design secrets, toying with file changes, watching the results in your preview screen……

Then suddenly……..

Your e-mail sound goes off…….

“Faye Faye, some weird mail came came for Bebop bebop!”

Yes, I’ve used Radical Edward’s voice for my e-mail notification.  You mean you haven’t?  Seriously, you’d better brush up on your anime folks!

I’ve been working on creating new style sheets since I met with my clients, and I decided it was time to poke my head up from the books.  Might as well see what came in via the net.  Hmmmm….taking a break from designing for the internet and poking my head into my e-mail.  Yeah, I gotta go outside and shoot something tonight for sure.  With the camera of course.

So, what’s in the e-mail.  The second “Stuck In Customs” newsletter from Trey Ratcliff.  He’s doing a great job with the newsletters, and if you haven’t subscribed I’ll shame you into it now.  Here’s the link to his site.  You should sign up, or be forever shamed.

The newsletter set me off after reading it, and I had to make a quick post.  Trey Ratcliff has a new book coming out!

That last sentence is me shouting.  I’m very excited!  And I’m giving up on having room in the Airstream.  Every time I turn around there’s a new book I have to get.  Well, I don’t have to……but I get the new books all the same.

Right now, “A World In HDR” by Trey is a pre-order.  It should be out prior to Christmas according to his site (which I’ve linked to 3 times in this post).  It’s more than 200 pages, includes his HDR tutorial, and if you’re like me, you can get a print as well.  I’ll be ordering before the week is through.

Why am I so excited?  Well, the other year when I began really digging into my photography, Photoshop, and learning HDR, Trey’s site was one of the first I found while searching for HDR.  I pulled up his web page and my jaw dropped.  Later I explained to friends that I thought my eyes would bleed, or that my brain would rupture looking at his photos too long.  They’re amazing works to be sure.  I was blown away, and I continue to be blown away.

So there you go, one more book for the Airstream to house.  I could stock a small tech library to be sure!

Good luck with the pre-sales Trey!  I’m sure it’ll be a best seller.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up – I’d not gotten the newsletter yet (must be an email dust bunny or something) but will make sure if I don’t get it by tomorrow morning to check my subscription status!

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