Airstream Videos Coming Back Here?

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As usual, a long gap between posts here.  But between posts I’m doing more things focused on The Airstream Chronicles.  Airstream Videos are coming back to the Airstream Chronicles, and that’s a good thing.

Fun with Airstream Videos!

Many Airstream Videos were hosted on Gadget's Airstream Chronicles

From Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles original site.

For long time followers you might remember a lot of Airstream Videos at the Airstream Chronicles.  Back in the day, when the site was on my old domain, “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles,” popped out a lot of podcast videos of my travels.  Back then I was way ahead of the curve.

In 2006 there were no GoPro video cameras.  People weren’t running around with helmet cam mounts, window suction cups, camera stabilizers and more.  The technology has come a long way in 10 years, and today there’s so much more available than when I first setup the blog.

I first started sharing video on GAC (Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles) in 2006 while traveling the country.  One of the first videos every posted was my drive up and down Mesa Verde’s main road to their campground in May of 2006.  That video was created in an interesting way.  As I said, there were no GoPros or mini video cameras out then.  So what did I use?

  • A Canon Digital Elph:  The camera shot low resolution video.  It was best viewed as a very small screen, trying to go full screen resulted in some pretty poor results.
  • A Mini Tripod:  I found a small plastic mini tripod.  I was able to fix it to the dashboard well enough.  Sometimes it tipped over and fell into the passenger seat.  The key was driving very steady and taking curves slowly.
  • Apple’s IMovie:  Back then, a really good video editor came with Macintosh computers.  Today you need to buy Final Cut Pro X, which I do own now.  But back then IMovie was awesome!


Wishing for a GoPro in 2007

I remember searching for portable video gear in 2007.  When I first hit Prescott I discovered to my delight that there was a Best Buy in town.  I went into the store with a very specific set of questions.  Do you have a handlebar mount for my Digital Elph (for my bicycle)?  How about a window mount?  Helmet mount?  Do you have anything that I can attach my camera to so I can shoot video on the move?

Sadly I was very disappointed to find that there was nothing out there yet.  So I forged on with my own makeshift setups.  Between not being able to shoot the quality I wanted, and also finding that video was a huge time sink, the videos tapered off.

Later I started doing video tutorials on photography and editing.  There things worked pretty well, as I was sharing my screen.  But as I worked on videos I found them to be a huge time sink as well, and with little return (people loved free video tutorials but it didn’t get them in the gallery to buy prints.

Why bring video back today?

Things have gotten a little easier these days.  GoPros and so many other mobile video platforms are now available.  Editing video is still a time sink if you’re doing long ones.  But…..if you’re doing shorter one there’s hope.  With that in mind, Airstream Videos are coming back to this site!

As we continue growing the business, RLC Design, I’m finding that video is an extra plus for our clients.  And it’s re-awakened my interest in video on this site.  So last week I did two short videos.  Each one was only a minute long, and it did take hours of production and editing time.  But I was pretty darned happy with the results.  With that in mind….Video is coming back to the Airstream Chronicles!  They won’t be huge long videos, but they will be informative.  Take a look at last week’s quick videos and let me know what you think!  Working from the Airstream gives you a quick feel for how we work from a remote location, and the second video is all about my wish for some real monsoons this year.

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