Life just happens full time rv airstream living

Life just happens

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The Redwoods visited in my Airstream 10 Years Ago

A flash from the past. The redwoods from 10 years ago.

So I was going to do a fun post today looking back 10 years ago.  I recently found remnants of the original Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles and it got me pretty nostalgic.  10 years ago I left New England after being diagnosed with an odd auto immune disorder and being told that my ex was seeking divorce.  I learned both things in a two day period, and it was heart breaking.  But looking back, I’m pretty proud of myself for what I did.

I hitched up the Airstream and decided to see what’s out there.  For some people bad news makes them withdraw from the world.  I’m glad I didn’t.  Bad news needs to be dealt with for sure, but you really need to get up off your ass, deal with it, and keep moving forward (thanks Meet the Robinsons).  And setting out with the Airstream on a cross country journey, even though I was sick and sad, was a good call.  I never imagined that 10 years later I’d still be a full time RV’er still living in my Airstream.  Who knew?

The ongoing medical nonsense

Recently I’ve been having a tough time of it again.  And yesterday I did one of many ongoing medical tests.  Today I got a message with the results.  Looks like I’ll be bidding a fond farewell to my Gallbladder soon.  Unsettling news, but at this point between the food allergies and the extreme pain whenever I eat, I’m up for anything that will mitigate the constant pain.

So many folks have said to me over the years how much they envy my full time Airstream living.  And I’ve always told them that it’s no different than anybody else.  My home is movable, but often it’s stationary.  For the entire 10 years of full timing I’ve still dealt with a very annoying, painful, and life altering illness.  No pizza, no scrambled eggs, no peanuts, and no to so many things.  If I lived in a house in New Hampshire, that wouldn’t change.  And living in the Airstream doesn’t change it either.  But the Airstream has allowed me to see things many places people have only dreamed of.  But if you’re not a full timer, you can still go see those places too.  You just have to choose to go see those places.  🙂

In the end, life just happens.  If you’re an Airstreamer, a full time RV’er, or you’re living in a loft in New York City, life is life.  And next up for me, saying goodbye to the gallbladder, and maybe dropping my internal pain level a peg or two.

And if you’re wondering, yup, a little unnerving, but it’s got to be dealt with right?

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  1. Am sending positive thoughts your way….as always! So enjoy your posts, pics and comments! Hugs!! Xox (Ben Galde’s mom)

  2. Positive thinking goes a long way … it’s evident you subscribe. Maintain harmony with your thoughts and keep looking forward. Perhaps one day we will pass each other and stop to share a beverage.

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