And the 2009 Prescott Arizona World Wide Photowalk Winner is……

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Norman Crewz’s “The Last of a Dying Breed.”

Norman Crewz's winning photo

I’ve gotta say, as usual, I’ve had a hard time selecting the winning photo.  There were so many others that grabbed my attention.  While I can’t upload them all on Kelby’s site, I can pop them up on my site.  So, here are a few others that I found compelling for one reason or another.

Carlos’ Rainbow on a cloudy day shot……  🙂


Tamara’s amazing black and white shot……


Jay Stovall’s extremely cool black and white……


And my good friend Josh’s Palace……


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  2. Excellent choice, Rich. Congrats to Norman. I’m still puzzled by the writing on the window. Shouldn’t the lettering be directed toward the outside? If you are in the barber shop, you already know where you are. (I know, this sounds a bit like Yogi Berra.)

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    Glad you like it too Mike. It’s always hard to pick a photo, but I kept coming back to this one. I’m confused by the sign too. 🙂 But that makes it more interesting, doesn’t it??? 🙂

  4. Thanks all! Darn I hate it when they paint the signs wrong on the window like that. 😉

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