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It’s all about the clients…..

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interiorshots-5If you’re going to be in business, that’s the bottom line.  Clients.

Recently I’ve stepped out of the tech shadows and started taking on a limited selection of new web clients.  A long time ago, when the web was young and Mosaic was just released I built web sites.  The first HTML web site for UNH’s Economics department was built by me while I was doing my thesis on the economics of digital networks.  Almost a decade and a half now….we’re so close.

Wow, that just made me feel older.

interiorshots-4In the past few weeks I’ve selectively taken on a few web clients.  One is the Motor Lodge here in Prescott.  Several weeks ago I borrowed the Motor Lodge for a photo shoot.  I wanted to have a little fun with a cool spot.  The owners were kind enough to tolerate me trolling around the facilities with my camera.  Weeks later, I’ve taken on their web maintenance and expansion.  They’ve already got a cool web site, the prior designers did a great job.  I’m just helping out with maintenance and a few tweaks.

One tweak in particular, some new images for the site.  A lot has changed for the business in a year.  Growth.  And you’ve got to document that growth somehow.

interiorshots-2So, I popped by The Motor Lodge on Friday for a quick shoot of a few rooms.  I’m nowhere near finished editing what I’ve selected, but I’m a little ways along… I’ll share here as I always do.

Now……full service design?  That’s something a client would like, wouldn’t they?  Web work, photography, and a knowledge of network engineering….not to mention understanding the economics behind the scenes.  Yeah, the clients can in fact get a lot.

Here’s the aside for the snarky among the web reading community……  Yes, my blog is very basic.  Yes, I know that.  And yes, my personal site is too.  There’s a redesign going on that will be revealed soon.  See, I’ve undertaken the interesting task of learing to design highly customized themes for WordPress.  New stuff will be present here soon….so stop picking!  🙂  Beyond my own redesign, I’ve taken on several new web clients in the past two months.  They get my attention first, my personal sites come last.  It is all about the clients……

interiorshots-3Hope you enjoy the preview of a few shots from the Motor Lodge.  If you’re interested in custom WordPress Theme Design you’re in luck.  I have 4 additional client slots right now.  Yes, I set a limit on clients.  If you’re going to do it right, make sure you keep the load manageable!  🙂

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